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Sunday, February 1, 2009


By now everyone knows that Rich and I are expecting triplets. It sounded as if the news of a pregnancy was expected but the news of triplets was shocking. I was in shock for about two weeks and I think Rick still is. When the reality set in I starting thinking the whole situation was scary but exciting with incredible potential for hilarity. As Rich keeps saying, "Everything is bigger in Texas, go big or go home." I guess I wasn't aware this applied to size of a pregnancy when I married a Texan.

When the shock wears off, I know there will be lots more questions. We've already had a couple such as:

- Are you serious? (YES)

- What do you look like? (Like my thighs and butt are growing babies, not my belly)

- What did Rich do when he found out? (Turned white and almost passed out at work)

- When are you due? (August 8th if I went to 40 weeks which is highly unlikely)

- Are you going to buy a minivan? (Not yet, I've researched the narrowest carseats to fit into the Jeep)

- Do you know what you are having? (Not yet, but we should find out in about 4-5 weeks)

- Are they identical or fraternal? (We won't know until they are born)

- Do you have names picked out? (No but Rich said he didn't want anything "sissy" which really helps narrow things down)

- Do triplets run in your family? (No and neither do twins. More about that later)

- Are you going to be one of those people on the news? (Hopefully not unless I happen to have 5 more in there that we don't know about)

- Can you send me a picture of your belly? (See below)

Below is my 13-week picture. I still have some modesty so I'm not showing bare belly yet but apparently I'm wearing a see through shirt which I wasn't aware of.

Isaac came up with the name. THANKS ISAAC. Three is perfect for a Newman triathlon relay team, one each to swim, bike and run. Just today Rich was saying that he wants to teach them to swim very early, “Not to swim in a triathlon or anything!” but in case they fall into our pool. Yeah right.

My 12-week OB visit is this week. I’m really 13 weeks but an ice storm delayed this visit so I'll have lots more information after this visit.

Our goal is not to freak anyone out by belly pregnancy pictures but to share with our family and friends our journey of becoming parents of triplets in all that it entails. We are thrilled and petrified but overwhelmingly hopeful about what the future holds for our family. Check back soon!

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