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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I thought I better get these pictures up before Grandma comes back again so here we go...
Bath time is really favorite for Grandma. I think for us it is a favorite for all of us because you can really see that the babies are putting on weight and they look so much healthier!
"Tummy time is especially insulting when I'm naked!" -BECKETT
Don't worry about leaving him on the counter where he can fall. I'm actually right next to him but that is my reflection in the mirror.

So much better!

Look at the belly on Eloise, the missing hair, the big cheeks and the ity-bity nose.

Addy looks so pouty, probably because half the time they fall asleep before bath time and I wake them up. I know, I should never wake a sleeping baby but they love their bath and fall back asleep after. And don't they know I have a schedule to keep?
They are all so happy after their bath. I usually don't carry them around naked like this too much because with 3, the odds are that I end getting peed on.

I'm so happy that we have this documented. All three sleeping at the same time after their morning bottle. I'm not sure how much longer they will all fit in the play yard.

Sometimes these babies look so different from one another, if we didn't know better....
Anyway, Addy has this porcelain-pink skin while Eloise is much darker like she just got back from a beach vacation.

And Beckett is the same color as a tan microfiber couch.
Or maybe he is the same color as milk. Who's your daddy little boy?

An example of how 5 month olds solve disputes.

I guess they worked it out between themselves.

Our nannies- Maria and her daughter Jenny. Eloise is obsessed with Jenny. She smiles and laughs the minute Jenny walks in the house and isn't happy until Jenny picks her up.

I know this is random but I was pulling off dead leaves from one of my plants outside and all of the sudden I felt something squishy and then smelled something TERRIBLE. I had grabbed one of these bugs. They must put off a scent when threatened. I'm pretty sure these guys are eating this plant but I'm so curious about them and I think it is funny they smell and look like mold that I let them. They've been there for about 10 days now. Any idea what they are? I'm guessing "stinky caterpillar" isn't an official name.

Eloise browsing the CREWCUTS catalogue for dresses (Grandma's BAD influence). We didn't tell her that she will have to wait a year or so to fit into the clothes.

Here is a PREVIEW of the holiday pictures with the babies in Santa costumes. I'm sure they were screaming about being on their tummies.

I love this pictures because you can tell (by me in the background)how much fun it is to have triplets at the holidays.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We have so much to be thankful for this year I don't even know where to begin.

These children are nourished by the community of family and friends that had and continues to support us through this amazing journey. Every person has given us their unique gift whether it is clothes, time, toys, thoughts, food or prayer.

I continue to be surprised at the outpouring of support and love for our family and these unique little creatures.

A perfect example is about 2 weeks after the babies came home. I was home by myself with the babies and the phone rang. It was the chaplain from the hospital where I work just calling to check and make sure everything was okay. I'd only met the chaplain once and hadn't worked at the hospital in 3 months so the call came as a surprise. After I hung up I went about chatting to the babies like I normally do about who was on the phone and what we talked about and as I was telling them I got choked up. That's when it hit me how extended the community was that was looked after these babies and continues to do so.

I told them how lucky they were to be surrounded by so many people who cared for them and I told them they will probably never know the lengths that so many people have gone to in order to bring them to us and keep them safe and healthy.

We and honored to be the recipients of so much goodwill and love.
Thank you.

Kate, Rich, Beckett, Eloise and Adeline

Monday, November 23, 2009

Visit from Grandma- PART ONE

My mom was here to visit with us for 8 days. She had not seen the babies in 3 months which is a really long time since they are only 5 months old. I was worried that it was going to be hard on all of us when she left but she solved that problem by making plans to come back in 3 weeks. Yippee!!! The day she left the babies were really sassy. Addy cried for a long time when we got home from the airport.
These are the highlights- PART ONE
We were able to document through a secret camera why I will hear blood-curdling screaming from one baby and then can never figure out what happened.

Beckett bopping Addy on the head.

Beckett bending back Eloise's fingers.

Addy giving Beckett a fish hook.

They would never do anything to hurt their siblings. My perfect angels, they even have what looks like a halo.

They are pretending to make up by holding hands but I know that Addy was secretly pinching him because he started to cry a minute later.

I think Addy had a dirty diaper and Isaac didn't want her to sit on it but wasn't willing to change it.

This is my favorite picture of Eloise so far in her little life.

I guess Grandma thinks she is pretty cute too.

Okay Beckett, I know you are a smarty-pants and looking forward to going to school but you really don't need to practice for school pictures yet.

You can't see it too well in this picture but Addy has drool that is hitting the floor.

Addy is my big girl, holding her head up the highest and longest and desperately trying to hold her bottle. You can see the "A" in black Sharpie on her bottle. I still have to label each bottle by initial and time.
All of her animals are watching over her in her sleep.

"I'm just going to rest here a minute during tummy time. Maybe if I look really cute and try to whistle my mom won't notice." -Beckett

Eloise got goosed and Beckett is in on it.

You guess what is going on here. All I can think is that I'm going to have my hands full.

And the Winner Is....

Well actually there are two winners this weekend. The first is my little smarty-pants Eloise.

She was the first baby to sleep 12 hours. Yes, that is correct, my little 10.5 pounder slept from 7:45 PM to 7:45 AM. I think the only reason she woke up was that her leg was caught between the slats of the crib and she couldn't move.
The second winner is my husband, Rich. On Saturday afternoon he did an "ultra marathon" event or something named equally insane. He ran as far as he could in 6 hours which turned out to be 35 miles and "smoked" the rest of the runners. Congrats Rich on winning your first race. Too bad you had to run 35 miles to do it.

The losers this weekend were the Redskins and really us for paying $50 to park at the Redskins vs. Cowboys game this weekend. We went to the game with 4 of Rich's work friends, one of which was from Brazil. You would think he would be impressed with the new Stadium or the obscenely large TV, but no, he was most impressed with the cheerleaders. He took lots of pictures, not one of them was of the game. Dude, you live in BRAZIL. I've been. Those beaches are even more impressive than anything on a football field here.

The game was a total bust (Rich is a Redskins fan. I of course am a Packer fan.)This was the most exciting part of the whole event...

How many A&M employees does it take to change a tire???

4 I guess. I shouldn't talk, I wasn't helping, just standing around laughing and taking pictures. I don't even know if I have a spare in my awesome minivan.

This was the culprit...

We had a very exciting weekend- for us at least! Rich and I went to his holiday party on Friday and this really was our first night out together since several months before the babies were born.

See the pug in the picture above? I'm either covered in pug hair or baby spit up.

I know that the format of the blog is all messed up and I'm trying to figure out what happened. Bear with me, it will be fixed soon. And I have 500 pictures of the babies that I'm sorting through from when my mom was here. I hope to get them up tomorrow.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Shots

The babies got their second Synagis shots on Thursday. Once we got them undressed they started to cry. I think at this point they have figured out that getting naked in a little room with paper on the table means a shot in the leg.
Luckily I wasn't there by myself because comforting more than one hysterical baby can be difficult. Our nanny, Maria, was there to help.

The best part is that they get weighed and I get to find out how big they are getting.

BECKETT- 10 lbs 11 oz

ADELINE- 10 lbs 10 oz

ELOISE- 10 lbs even

It is amazing to me that Eloise is still so much smaller since she eats so much. My mom reminded me that my babies at 5 months are still smaller than my brother Isaac was when he was born. YIKES!

After the shots, I took a few picture while waiting for the car.

Poor little Addy had a mosquito bite on her cheek. You can see how pale and porcelain her skin is.

Eloise sticking out her tongue at me. I guess she was showing me how she felt about getting a shot in her leg every 28 days.

Beckett is really the sweetest little boy.

I guess this doctor visit really wore out my little Addy, she fell asleep playing and grasping a toy.

My mom is here visiting and I think she has taken about 500 picture so far. I may have to get more memory on my computer before I can even download the pictures to post them. I'm also working on posting some video but whenever I take video and look back at it, I can't believe that I sound like such a knucklehead talking to the babies. I also never realized what a strong Midwestern accent I have. My mom and I will work on getting video this week. Oh yeah, hey.

Monday, November 9, 2009


(Thanks Lizy and Madison for the jeans and Bumbos!)
Yes, Beckett is wearing red velvet pants. Since the blue velvet sailor picture of him was such a hit, my mom sent me a whole box of velvet and velour outfits for him. Rich is beyond thrilled.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just a weekend in November

If you ever wonder what we do during a weekend with triplets, this is just an example of a typical Saturday.

After breakfast they like to read books and work on their head control. Clearly, some are better than others. Just today after tummy time, Beckett had blanket-burn on his nose and snot smeared all over his face from crying. It was very sad but very necessary (his head is so large he needs extra work)

After the morning exercise and books, we went to cheer on the walkers for the 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk that was going on here in Dallas.

Eloise worked her pink tennis shoes to show her support.

Rich's friend, Carrie, was walking so Beckett was keeping an eye out for her. Or maybe he just liked all the ladies.

Finally we saw her. Love the pink cowboy hat. Rich was going to ask her what she was wearing in order to pick her out of the crowd. Hmmm, I wonder what he would have thought he could find her if said if she said, "Pink."

I was a little uncomfortable at the walk because we were there to cheer on the walkers and the triplets caused such a spectacle that everyone was stopping to look at them, clap for us and wanted to take pictures. I totally understand that people were taking pictures of their whole experience and seeing triplets was part of it so I wasn't too freaked out by it- mostly just surprised.

I was picking up some things downstairs and Addy left her shoes in the living room so I put them on the stairs to take up the next time I went up. The shoes looked sooooo tiny.

"I'm quite smart. I've started to suck on my fingers rather than cry. My mom likes it so much better."-Adeline

In the afternoon after lunch the girls fell asleep while Beckett was reading them a story.

Can you spot the baby in the picture? I had Beckett watching me test out my new 9vacuum.
(The nursery looks different now because I took out the chair and moved in the 3rd crib.)

After vacuuming Beckett was talking to his gorilla while waiting for his sisters to wake up.

I think he was bored without them chattering and squawking at him. He better savor those moments now, I think he is in for lots of girl talk.