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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I can't believe I got a pictures of this

Before bath time tonight, Rich yelled "Kate, come look at this!" Can you see it?

Eloise is standing by herself!!! I took about 50 pictures.
(Can you guess what Mr. B is doing in this picture?)

One of the fifty- Addy standing and reading a book, Eloise standing in front of the toy bin and Beckett crawling IN the toy bin. BTW, he has no interest in standing. He likes to run when you run with him holding his hands but standing or walking is not of any interest to him.

Remember Beckett's bucket on the head? Now Beckett and Addy fight over the bucket. Looks like she won this round. Times two.

The only way I could get a group picture was to put a book in front of them. Eloise is on her way to knock it down.

Why aren't the girls wearing shirts? And why is Addy's belly so big? I'll show you.

During dinner Addy ripped off her bib and proceeded to devour every single grain of rice should could find. One grain at a time.

She apparently couldn't find the grains of rice on her head.

Look at those hands. She thought it was really funny later that her hands were sticking together.

We were past the point trying to keep her clean so we gave her own grown-up glass of keifer.

Eloise lost her bib part way through the meal as well. But this picture is more about the pretty spectacular mullet that Eloise has been sporting lately. Rich thinks she looks like she should play left wing for the Montreal Canadiens.

Beckett didn't get stripped down after dinner because he decided to eat his bowl rather than food during dinner. Way to help me out and stay clean Mr. B! He is so thoughtful.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too Close for Comfort

When we were first looking at feeding tables, we were trying to chose between one that was much larger where the babies were further apart and the one we have. The reviews were great on both with 2 exceptions. The other one takes up lots of space, so that was bad but the smaller one was so compact the babies can touch each other and steal food. With limited space we opted for the smaller table thinking our sweet little angels would not dare bother their siblings while eating. So this is the progress of a typical meal...

Addy eating her noodles so sweetly.

Beckett sucking down his noodles.

Eloise savoring her food as always. She'll eat anything and everything.

Addy getting a little rambunctious smashing noodles into her face.

Addy stealing noodles from Beckett.

Addy stealing food from Eloise.

Eloise stealing food from Addy.

Addy raising her hand to tattle on Eloise and Eloise tries to pull her arm down.

Addy lays down on the table to tease Beckett. Notice that Eloise doesn't have a bowl? She was sneaking all of her food under the table to feed the pugs so she lost bowl privileges.

The teasing get sillier and sillier and it is all fun and games until...

Someone gets poked in the eye and the victim AND offender become hysterical.

Beckett recovered from his altercation with Addy to pose with his full bowl of food that he refused to eat.
Let's see what he all has in there- green beans, scrambled eggs with black beans, pinto beans, rice, cheese, tortillas, spaghetti, Veggie Stix, blueberries and pumpkin bread. Normally between Rich and I we usually eat whatever is leftover but this combo was a little too grody even for me.
I guess we should have gone with the other table.

Oh no, only 1 more day of TV time!

Tomorrow is the last day of the Tour de France so TV time for the triplets is officially over tomorrow. They had a pretty good run between the World Cup and the Tour. They enjoyed their second to last day watching today's time trials by trying to get at the coffee table books on Paris and going through the cards from their first birthday.

Once the girls figured out that their hero Andy Schleck was going to come in second, they were done with the Tour and went to empty out the diaper bag.

Beckett was still pretty excited about watching and since he doesn't have a bike yet, he had to play with the next best thing with wheels- a dump truck (any size is still one of the favorite toys.)

"Morning naps are optional, right Mom?" -Addy giving me her sweetest smile but secretly trying to drive me insane.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

It is so miserably hot here in Texas. It is even hot to go places because getting the babies in an out of the minivan is a sweaty endeavor so we mostly have been entertaining the3 little monkeys at home. They do a pretty good job entertaining themselves as you will see.

Eloise is hanging out on the couch under the ceiling fan.

Anytime Mini-me gets her hands on a baby wipe, wash cloth, towel, or in this case, a wrapper from Taco Bell, she cleans. She'll clean shelves, the wall, the floor and funny enough, her feet.
Rich HATES this outfit. I love it of course. They all like to clap but Beckett in particular is a clapaholic. The problem is that for Beckett and Eloise clapping is identical to signing "more" so it can get a little confusing for me.

"Look what I found in the dump truck!" It is amazing how they can find joy in the smallest things.

Eloise is digging for more treasure in the dump truck and flashing her top 3 teeth.

Beckett and Eloise were standing at the gate chatting, probably about how much fun it is to try to empty the play room by throwing all the toys down the stairs.

Way better than any Hollywood mug shot.

She'll learn fast enough how dangerous it can be to walk and read.

Yep, more clapping.

Little Eloise is working so hard to push her sister on the riding lion. Help a girl out Addy and use your feet!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This day is all about the girls

July 14th is such a remarkable day. It all started two years ago when my mom and I were celebrating our last night in Paris. For those of you who don't know, July 14th is Bastille Day in France, or their Independence Day. We spent the day in typical Independence Day fashion, drinking wine, watching parades, getting bored of parades and sneaking pictures of the cutest guys in the parade.

Wait, let me back up. When this trip was planned I was hoping that I would be pregnant. I wasn't. (I think my mom and tried to forget that fact by drowning in fabulous wine.) Not to sound like a loon but I think this whole crazy triplet journey started a few days earlier while visiting Notre Dame. I MAY have given an unusually large offering to St. Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Children because of my questionable ability to convert from one currency to another...

So our last night there (July 14th) we were at a fabulous hotel with floor to ceiling windows that opened like doors across the street from the Louvre gardens and this was our view:

That night my mom and I opened up the windows, sat in our pajamas in our room in overstuffed very French chairs and watched the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. It doesn't get much better than that for us girls. Or so I thought.

When I was pregnant and knowing I was going to deliver early, my secret plan was to deliver on July 14th which would have been at 36 weeks. That was the date in my head that was safe and would bring the previous year full circle.

Things don't always go as planned so when I delivered at 30 weeks and 6 days, I thought my grand scheme was ruined. But I must have given a REALLY big offering.

Last year on July 14th was the day that we brought Eloise and Addy home from the hospital. Rich had to be out of town for work and it was my Mom and I with all three alone for the first time. The day would have been complete if Rich was there but there my mom and I were again on July 14th with an experience etched in our minds that is unforgettable and unimaginable just one year earlier.

This year on July 14th I'm sitting here with my husband and 3 amazing children that are healthy, gloriously happy and thankfully sleep 11 hours a night. My mom is in WI and not here but this day will always be about the girls. In honor of that, a few pictures:

Because they are MY girls, they are all about the accessories.
Eloise shopping for pearls.

Addy adores shoes, even if it is just one.

Oh la la, tres chic.

How did that little rascal Beckett sneak in there?