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Thursday, December 31, 2009



Love the party socks...

Quote of the Week

The other day I guess Rich thought I was talking too loud so he said,
"Kate, use your household voice."
I think he meant INSIDE voice.

Holiday Week Hanging Out With The Babies

Our nanny is still sick, well she is better but we wanted her to stay away for an extra week because of germs. Anyway, Rich and I have had a blast hanging out with the babies. Here just a couple of pictures of our typical day.

We started on bananas this week. These little monkeys LOVED them. I think the consistency was perfect because they were slurping them off the spoon.

Notice the same bib on Addy as Eloise. I was feeding them one at time and Eloise didn't get it TOO dirty so I used it again. Seriously, I don't need to make extra laundry for myself.

Beckett ate 1/2 of a banana is one sitting.
So far they have had rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, avocado, sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas- in that order. I think next on the agenda is goat yogurt.

This is how they tell me they are done. Either that or clamp their mouths shut. I prefer the latter. Less mess.

Typical play time. Addy has figured out how to move herself around by throwing her legs to the side repeatedly. Like a little ratchet. She can't quite roll from back to stomach but she tries really hard. Check out Beckett and the gorilla.

Beckett will wrestle and talk with the gorilla for an hour at a time. Eloise likes it too. Addy whips it to the side and then kicks it.

Addy can almost prop sit. Sometimes when she falls forward she manages to kick her legs out from under her and end up on her belly for tummy time. She doesn't even care when she falls over.

Before they were fighting was with the hands, mostly scratching, pinching and karate chops. Now they have figured out that taking each other out at the knees is a more effective fighting strategy. I can't believe our once fragile little preemies are now down and dirty street fighters.

Naptime for Eloise and Daddy. I really don't like when they nap outside of the crib but they looked so sweet and they were so tired. (Eloise was playing, Daddy was running in the snow- and I don't make him nap in the crib)

Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a White First Christmas here in Texas. My brother, Isaac, was supposed to drive here from Austin on Christmas Eve but decided to fly at the last minute because of the bad weather. I'm not sure which was better. He ended up getting here 5-6 hours later than scheduled during a snow/ice storm. I saw two accidents on the way to pick him up at the airport and one guy who I thought should have made an excellent UTube video. His car was skidding sideways (on the highway) and headed towards the guardrail so he opened up the door and tried to use his feet to stop the car. Either that or he was going to bail out of the car. It was a spectacular display of stupidity.
Isaac got here safe and sound and we made it home with no accidents and a fascinating but over my head lecture on the physics behind anti-lock brakes. But we got back too late for me to put the babies to bed on Christmas Eve. Rich left them sleeping in the playroom so I could carry them to bed. It was so sweet.

Before Christmas we practiced sitting in the Bumbos with their new blankets in front of the tree. THANK YOU CLARKE!!

Eloise really had it down pat.

We started off Christmas morning with a new food- steamed and pureed carrots- in honor of the reindeer. Addy and Beckett loved it, Eloise choked and gagged.
Then downstairs to see what Santa brought.

This is a FAVORITE book

Maybe in a couple of years Beckett; these Legos belong to Isaac.

That's more your speed.

Isaac showing Addy how to open presents (thanks Aunt Laura).

Maybe we should save this one for later...

Don't worry Addy, I'll give them back to you in a few years. I promise.

Isaac got Eloise dressed in her Christmas dress. I think it was the first time he dressed a baby. The red little diaper covers threw him off. He called them "bungees." I'm a little suspicious as to why he knows that term for cheerleading breifs.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, one set of triplets...

They sat for so long in the Bumbos under the tree we decided to try for a family picture- minus Bella, she was busy eating wrapping paper.

With our new Bundle-Me for the strollers (Thanks Mom) and their new snowsuits (Thanks Cari) we took the babies for a walk even though it was really cold. They were so warm and snuggly they slept the whole time even when we took them out of the stroller. Beckett even napped in his snowsuit when we got home.

Then he woke up and wanted to dress like a Nutcraker.

I'm happy to report there was no coal at our house this year. These babies must have been ANGELS this year because so many people were so generous to our family. A special thanks to my work, The Heart Hospital, for thinking of our babies and making our holidays even more joyful. Thank you to everyone who thought of us on this holiday and throughout this whole year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Christmas Song

This is what I heard Rich singing to the babies to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

"I don't know the words but neither do you."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Looking for a winner

Eloise routinely sleeps 12 hours a night (just had to give the itty-bitty critter props right off the bat) but Beckett and Addy have been getting up between 1-2 times a night for the last month. Now when I say getting up that means that I have to give them a bottle between 8 pm and 8 am. I was hoping it was just going to be a matter of time before the other two took a cue from Eloise and this week they figured it out- kind of.
This week, two different times Beckett slept 11 hours without waking up.
Then last night my little grunty girl Addy slept 11 hours as well. When she gets mad or is just about to start crying she grunts and snorts and I didn't hear any of that last night!

Who is going to be the next 12 hour sleeping star and the recipient of my never ending gratitude?



I'm really hoping for my sanity that I can announce a winner this week.

One Year Ago

One year ago yesterday, we found out that we were having multiples. I had known that I was pregnant since the beginning of the month and I suspected multiples because my HCG levels were through the roof. But, I never suspected what I was about to find out that morning at the doctors office.

I was scheduled to leave that Friday afternoon for Milwaukee for the holidays. Rich was at work and was going to spend the weekend in Dallas and then join me on Tuesday in Wisconsin. I was having some pain and could not believe that I was showing already.
I'm totally serious. I thought it was really strange that I looked pregnant at 6 weeks.
I called my fertility doctor and they had me come in for a sonogram.

The sonographer said, "Well, you have 4 heartbeats."
Yes that is right, she said 4.

I had this strange calm and panic at the same time. I don't know the exact words but I said something inappropriate like, "That's nice."

When I left the sonography room, the word must have spread because all the staff were pretending not to look at me and smiling.

I met with my doctor and he said that it was so early that really anything could happen at this point but I should be prepared for the possibility of losing 1, 2, 3, or all 4. Or that I would be able to carry all 4 but it was too early to tell. But in the meantime, no traveling or strenuous activity. (I did talk him into allowing me to go to WI for the holidays but I had to cancel my trip to Budapest a month later.)

For some reason, I've always thought that I was going to have twins, but I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be more. I was in total shock.

Hmmm, I wasn't going to see Rich for 5 days so I was going to have to tell him over the phone before I got on the plane. I called him at work and tried to warn him to get to a private place but I guess he didn't believe me because he turned white and almost passed out in front of a few people.

Turns out there was a big snowstorm in the Midwest, my flight was cancelled and I couldn't get on another one for 2 days so Rich and I got to spend the weekend together which was a blessing in disguise.

We didn't tell anyone until I think 6 weeks later. How we managed to keep a secret that whole time, I'll never know. I'm normally a tattletale blabbermouth but this secret was a good one for just us to keep for a while. It's actually a lot of fun to have a really juicy secret.

At 9 weeks, we lost the 4th baby. I knew that the first 12 weeks are very dicey and even more so with high order multiples so those first 12 weeks I was just happy to be pregnant and willing to accept what would happen. You never know what fate has in store for you. For us, it was 3 healthy beautiful babies.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

You Better Not Cry, You Better Not Pout

We had a very special visitor on Thursday. Santa took a break from toys making and elf supervision to visit the Newman triplets.
I guess the reindeer were resting up for Christmas Eve because Santa drove a Mustang to our house.

"I would like a tutu to go with my ballet slippers." Eloise

"Christmas time, Santa, and a Pug. Wait, I thought my name was Eloise. Why am I not at the Plaza Hotel?" -Eloise

"Is this a real beard Santa? I better test it out." -Eloise

Look at those sparkling eyes.

"Santa is going to bring me more avocado and sweet potatoes. I'm the luckiest girl alive." Adeline

"Santa, those girls have been very naughty. Just bring coal." Beckett

I know this is a big picture of my behind but this is a cautionary picture to keep an eye on Santa this year. Seems to be unusually frisky.

With Addy eating the beard and Beckett kicking Eloise, this is my favorite picture.

Two minutes after Santa left.

The clock has started ticking for next year girls. Santa can still see you.

Thank you so much Santa for remembering our babies. They only have a first Christmas once and I thought it would be another 2 years before they got to meet you. By the way, even though my friend Jillian has been a tad naughty this year, she deserves an extra item on her list. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week in Pictures

Just a few pictures from this week. Believe me, I have more but here is just a sampling.

Addy Hannibal Newman

I swear this girl only had 10 fingers when she was born, but I do remember counting to 30 at some point...

Bear butt and Beckett. This is actually one of the stuffed animals he wrestles every morning. I give him suggestions for wrestling moves like wet willies and snake bites.

This is the last time the little schoolgirl can wear this denim jumper with the red apple buttons. The buttons are about to pop off because of the belly.

"This is what I think of sweet potato" -Eloise (introduced this morning for the first time, it didn't go over well. Lots of crying, gagging and laughing)

They look so innocent. Who knew they could carry on so much about a little root vegetable.

I'm trying to get those toothless grins while I can. Everyday I'm watching for a tooth to pop out on her- maybe then she will sleep through the night???

I have no words for these pictures of Addy. My mom took them without even looking through the lens of the camera. Just snapped a few pictures.

We had a very special visitor tonight who is normally very busy this time of year but decided to come see the very nice and only a little naughty Newman triplets. Hint- I guess Reindeer are out and Mustangs are in...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pass the chips, please.

On Saturday we introduced solid foods for the first time. We gave them guacamole, umm, I mean avocado. I put it in a food mill and mixed it with formula. Yummmm. I don't have highchairs yet so we lined them up in their Bumbos with a water resistant picnic blanket underneath.

Eloise was first. She was a little apprehensive and seemed a little put out about only getting a small amount of food at a time. As you probably know, more goes on the chin and bib than in the mouth. It was like the paparazzi was out in full force. My mom was snapping pictures and Rich was videotaping.

On Sunday during the second session, she would scream, I would put more in her mouth, she would stop screaming, think for a minute, eat a little, spit some out then scream some more. Do you think it was the jalapenos in the guac?

Look at those cheeks. She sure doesn't look so skinny that she is not even on the weight chart.

Beckett was next. He did pretty well. He got a little more in his mouth and wasn't so mad about the small amounts of food. He was thinking really hard about what was going on and seemed a little confused.
But today he did so much better. Together he and Eloise at 1/2 of an avocado in one session. He didn't eat his 11 am bottle too well today and our nanny Maria kept telling my mom that it was because he wants to eat everything with a spoon now. Umm, I think we'll stick with the bottles at least for now.

I knew Addy would do great because she had been doing well when I was practicing with drops of water. She opens her mouth when the spoon is coming and keeps about 1/2in her mouth. The second time eating she ate about 1/8th of an avocado by herself. I know she is done when she starts to throw herself backwards and try to backflip out of the Bumbo. The others just kind of let it dribble down their chins when they are done. She has no problem telling me. She is also the only who has figured out to put her hands in her mouth while eating(=total mess) and to smear her bib on her face (=even more mess).

She is just about to lose it. See the hands creeping up under the bib?

The leftovers. I left the pit in the mix to keep it from turning brown- not that they care.

Do you think this girl is teething? Look at the drool.
She's wearing a "very hungry caterpillar" velvet jumper. I'm really into putting them in velvet. Beckett has a full red outfit and looks like a total pimp.

Another bath time photo. She has this funny little grimace smile that I keep trying to capture. This is close but not quite it.

Next on the menu- SWEET POTATOES