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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kiddie Table From Sis

Last week I took the kids over to my sister's house so we could go for a walk and hang out with their cousin, Oliver, 3 1/2 years old. My sister's house is amazing, a perfect place for kids with so many cool things and a great yard. Her and her husband remodeled a farmhouse from the 1890's (?) on their own and it is filled with just creative fun things for both me and the kids to look at. It seems like they have all kinds of things that are being used not as intended. For example, I think there is some sort of antique egg beater or farm equipment hanging on the wall which was turned into a coat hook. I may be making that up, but you get the gist. Anyway, she has this great little table in the kitchen for Oliver that I think was my mom's table when she was little. It was the perfect little project and snack area and the kids loved it.

I realized that I what I need in my kitchen. Perfect for snacks, projects, and a place to start insisting that the sippy cups stay because I'm tired of cleaning up juice/milk from the carpet because of leaking cups.
Of course, Sarah had an EXTRA kiddie table for us and she dropped it off along with a kiddie sized cabinet (think kid sized hutch) she painted and removed the doors so the kids could have a place to play with and store their fake food. Both pieces are a huge hit. This afternoon, all three played with the fake food and shopping cart for almost an hour.
The fake food is a new addition from Bambi's niece, Emily, who was so excited to give it to the triplets. She is 11 or 12, a state ranked tennis player and has a hamster that lives in a doll house. Love it. The kids (girls) also have worn clothes from Emily since they were about 2 months old so it was pretty cool that she gave them her toys. Their favorite by far is the piece of bacon and the McDonald's Hotcake Syrup container that opens and closes. I'm not sure why, the one time I tried to give them bacon they practically threw it back in my face and they've never been to McDonald's but for some reason they are drawn to these two things.
Oh yeah, I don't call my sister Sarah "sis" but I've started to try to get the kids to say "sis" when referring to a sister. The main reason being that Beckett still does not talk except pointing and saying "this, this, this." I thought that if he was able to say "sis" then he would double his vocabulary. I'm working on getting all three evaluated for speech therapy. I'm sure Beckett will need it and possibly Eloise but probably not Addy. We'll see. We had such a great team of doctors and specialists in Dallas, it takes time and a lot of referrals to figure it all out again in a new city.
Anyway, here's the table and Beckett's new broom. Today he was sweeping with both brooms but I'm trying to encourage the use of the little one for fear he takes out one of his sisters with the big broom.

Check out that scab on Eloise's head. This was from the tumble at the park the other day.

Remember I said that Addy likes to pretend she is a dog. At least this is a cleaner version of doggie drinking than licking water/milk/juice off the floor like I find her doing several times a day.

Look at how much juice she has in there. Doggie drinking can keep her entertained for an extended period of time.

Look at those eyes. Also, this is an exaggerated shot of her hemangioma which is slowly disappearing but actually much faster than I anticipated.

SO glad we did not treat it surgically or with beta-blockers. We will still follow up with a pediatric plastic surgeon here but I am just amazed at how much it has shrunk. This picture below is from March. HUGE difference.
As long as we are comparing, this is Eloise just hours before her nasty spill at the park. You can see she is smiling with an under bite which her latest trick. She walks around like that all the time but at least it is less germy than licking the floor.
Just had to throw in a picture of the my little boy Beckett at the end. This is from today when he had wrapped himself in the adding machine paper. Seems appropriate with the sweater vest.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Didn't Think This Day Would Come So Soon

I fully anticipated this day would come but I'm not prepared for it. It's too soon. I thought I would start with the "talk" maybe followed up by some books or maybe start with books followed by a talk. I would have the girls, Rich would have Beckett. This is not going the way I thought...

Today in the bathtub Beckett was standing up and Addy was sitting there playing with toys and all of the sudden she looked up, stared at Beckett's penis, looked a little perplexed and then reached out and gave a tug.
Rich and I were moving towards the two of them and yelling in slow motion, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Lucky for Beckett she didn't have a good grip.
Lucky for Beckett she has a short attention span and went back to splashing with toys.
Not so lucky for Beckett is that he has 2 sisters.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is how we do it

Montell Jordan, 1995, horrible song but great title. People always ask us, "How do you do it?" I always say something along the lines of, "I've never had just one child so I don't know any different." or "I live on caffeine." or "This is cake compared to the first 6 months." But I realized that there are things that get us through each and every day and make this journey of triplets doable. Whether it is baby products, home supplies, food, a special treat, people, things in our daily environment- whatever, it is what we surround ourselves with that make this seemingly impossible journey "doable" but more importantly, a total blast.
So that is why I added a new section on the left called- What Makes My Day. I'll add things daily that will provide a little glimpse into the kinds of things that keep us laughing and living the best way we know how.
Disclaimer- None of the items listed are paid endorsements. I am not getting monetary compensation or otherwise for listing these products although I would be happy to entertain the notion even though my current job of "unemployed" really rakes in the dough.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Pictures and a Surprise

I know, the whole video montage thing is getting a little old but I think you should blame my mom and brother for buying me an awesome camera to take so many pictures. That and I've finally joined the 21st Century with an iPhone to replace my old flip phone that was probably cool in say maybe 1999. You are not going to believe this but I didn't even text before I got my new phone. Second graders were more tech savvy than me. Until now.
So now I have so many photos and videos I'm just not sure what to do with them. Since it takes so long to individually upload each picture to the blog, it is much faster to put them on a video montage. If anyone would be able to tell me how to upload more than 1 picture at a time, I would be forever grateful and I would be able to post WAY more pictures.

These pictures are from last weekend when my mom and Steve came to visit for the day from Green Bay. I finally got some good fall pictures and it took 4 of us to get a group picture of the trio. I was taking the picture and one adult for each baby plopping them on the ground and running out of the frame hoping they would stay put. They also learned the art of throwing leaves and smelling flowers. Probably every few weeks I think to myself, "This has GOT to be the best age!" but then the next week rolls around and they show me that life with triplets keeps getting more fun, more sweet and more hysterically surprising.

If you notice, Beckett and Addy are gaining on little Eloise. There has consistently been a 1 lb difference between the girls but now Addy has 2 lbs on her. I'm pretty sure that has to do with Addy being a milk monster. I have to watch her and make sure she doesn't drink too much milk from the other two because if I let her, she would take their milk and run. I liken it to the big kid at school bullying kids for their milk money. She is also obsessed with the dogs eating and drinking. When she sees the dogs drinking water she gets on all 4's next to them and pretends to drink water. One day I put down her own doggie water bowl and let her pretend to drink like a dog but Rich discouraged any future Addy/doggie water bowls. Today I caught her licking water off the floor after I picked up the dog water bowls and carrying around 1 little tiny piece of dog food. She didn't eat it. Just wanted to carry it around. Her vocabulary is growing by the day. I don't know what she is saying but every day she has new urgent sounds that sound suspiciously like Hebrew accompanied by frantic pointing. We'll figure it out one of the these days.
Anyway, Eloise is still little but her head size is right on target which means she is even more top heavy than normal toddlers thus more prone to toppling over which happens frequently. I don't notice it on a daily basis but these last picture really highlight the difference. She's had a few scary falls. Just today she took a tumble on the sidewalk at the park and has a pretty good raspberry on her forehead and a scrape on her nose. It is so sad when they get scraped and bruised but I know we can't protect them forever and it is part of learning and perfecting their catlike reflexes. Also, Addy is the kid who steals the milk money but Eloise is the little tiny scrappy fighter on the playground. If there is fighting and screaming over toys, you can bet Eloise is involved. She is most likely pushing and pulling the other one to the ground and won't let go until she gets her way or gets pried away by one of us kicking and fighting the whole time. We haven't really figured out the whole TIMEOUT thing or if that is going to be an effective strategy for us. Now they mostly get removed from the situation and redirected while I talk about why we are doing what we are doing but we are going to have to figure out this strategy pretty soon.
And then there is our sweet Beckett. One day he is the sweetest little boy wanting nothing more than to sit on your lap and read his favorite book about trucks and kiss and hug his sisters. Then the next day, nothing is right, he refuses to eat and only wants to play with toys that are occupied by his sisters. He also has 4 molars coming in so that may have something to do with it. But boy, on his good days, you could not ask for a chattier, happy, smiley, funny and affectionate little kid. All of the kids are nuts about dogs but only Beckett routinely acts on it. He frequently sits by Pickles (our blind, obese and now SENILE) pug and pets and talks to her. He is most naughty during mealtime which is incredibly frustrating because he is so skinny. I always say that he only likes "diet food". Whereas Addy is on the Adkins Diet and Eloise will eat anything including spicy food, Beckett pretty much lives on things like rice, fruit, yogurt, Cheerios, peas and black olives. When he knows I'm frustrated he either throws food or hugs and kisses Addy and smiles at me.
Enough chatter. This is what we do ONCE a day before baths.

We are not really seriously potty training but more just getting them used to sitting on the potty and trying to get them to understand that the potty is not for standing in, playing in, putting in the tub, putting on their head or drinking out of.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting all 3 together in one picture

I really wanted to get a "fall" picture with all 3 playing in the leaves. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to get all 3 in one picture much less sitting down. Also, the location was not ideal because it had a playground and all they wanted to do was head towards the playground. Going to the playground at this age is not a terrific idea unless you have one person per child. All they want to to is climb and because they are not real monkeys, just pretend monkeys, they fall A LOT when climbing the stairs or slides or benches. About a month ago it was fine because Beckett could only go a few steps before falling down and mostly hung out around the stroller. Now I have all 3 going in 3 different directions which is a whole other story.
This particular day it was just Rich and I so I had to snap pictures in between chasing and picking up the fallen. Beckett thinks that grass is butt glue so if he falls down, it is impossible to get up without adult help. All I got were action shots and running shots with red noses from the wind.
It is so hard to get Eloise looking up or even looking in your direction for a pictures. She is little but she can move. She also really likes to go from one surface to another (grass to concrete and back again) or up and down a curb or step which can be a little hazardous. Luckily she can pick herself up most of the time.

Of the hundred or so pictures I took that day, they mostly looked like this- me chasing an escapee.

Love this picture of Eloise. Just wandering around in the leaves. Looking down of course.

Mr. B figured out that climbing the slide was a pretty adventurous activity with just the right amount of danger. He didn't anticipate falling headfirst in the wood chips would result in 2 cuts on his forehead. That's when I decided I should probably start carrying Band-Aids.

Love this pictures with the buildings in the back.

Addy is our runner. Most of the time it is like scampering or shuffle steps around the house. She thinks it is hysterical when we hold on to the back of her shirt and she runs in place. I remember taking this picture. She was just standing there and then saw a neglected soccer ball and took off in a panic trying to get it before anyone else.

We lined them up about 50 yards from the playground while I stood in front of them to try to get a group picture and let them loose. Best effort of the day.

Say Yes to the Mess

Some days I just don't have the fight left in me and it is just easier to let the kids do what they want and deal with the aftermath later. The other night is a perfect example. Addy got her hands on a roll of toliet paper on the way to the bedroom before baths. I had laundry to fold and I was just too tired to fight over a roll of toilet paper. I figured it would keep them entertained for a few minutes although a waster of paper. I'm not ashamed to admit that some days I chose sanity over being green.
They were a little timid at first almost like they couldn't believe their good luck. Also they probably thought if they made too big of the deal I would figure out what was going on and take it away. Like the one day they were really quiet and I found them splashing in the toilet water.

For some reason none of these kids will put their hands down to stop their fall when there is something in their hand. Addy is the biggest offender. She always has something in her hands, usually food and will fall on her elbows holding the food in the air before dropping any morsel of food. Sometimes she gets stuck on the ground like a turtle on it's back because she refuses to drop anything in her hands and can't stand back up only using her elbows. Stubborn gal.
I'm guessing Beckett won't drop the TP to stop his fall in this picture and I caught him mid tumble. Either that or he's somehow wrapped up and can't stop himself.

At some point I realized the toilet paper roll was mostly intact deserted in the corner and they were still happily playing. I knew something was amiss and then it hit me. All they wanted to do was rip the TP into little tiny pieces. They were making confetti!

We let them play as long as they didn't eat it. Nothing worse that cheap toilet paper spit balls on carpet. Some days I'm glad the fight is gone.

1/4 roll of toilet paper- 25 cents
Cleaning up toilet paper mess- 10 minutes

Joy it brings to 16 month old triplets- PRICELESS.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Art Project or Dinner?

While the kids (and by kids I mean the triplets, Rich and the pugs) were napping this afternoon, I walked to the store to buy crayons and construction paper so we could try an afternoon art project. I pretty much come up with any excuse to walk places. For example, yesterday an hour before dinner I decided we needed sugar and breadcrumbs so off to the store. This morning I wanted to find a bookstore so we walked until we found one, only to be thwarted at the door by our stroller that was too wide to fit in. Late last week we walked to the Milwaukee Art Museum to play in the children's area which was the catalyst for today's outing.

Started off pretty well.

Maybe you have noticed that the kids now have an assigned seat at the feeding table. Addy is our Switzerland. She doesn't get too bothered by Beckett's fussing and kissing and hugging at the table and she doesn't get mad when Eloise steals food from her.

Ohh Beckett, don't eat that crayon!

Too late.

Not you too Eloise?

Even though I didn't see you eat the crayon, I know you did Addycakes. I can see the yellow on your tooth.

Eloise, why are you peeling the paper off?

So you can eat it better?

When Beckett is done eating he throws the food on the floor. Actually, flings it. When the girls are done eating they will start piling it behind them. Guess they were done with coloring.

I get it Addy. You're done and have better things to do.

I was so busy watching the kids eat crayons I forgot about the pugs.

You won't eat anything at mealtimes except for peas, banana pudding and an occasional pancake but you will eat a black crayon?

Final product. Priceless.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mother's Little Helpers

Every day these kids do something new. Rich and I just look at each other and ask, "Where did he/she learn that?" forgetting that they just watch and learn from us every day. Not only do they learn from us but from one another as well. For example, Beckett is finally walking with some regularity and with a little more confidence probably because he is tired of his sisters running circles around him. No kidding, you can tell Addy to run and circles and she will until she falls down. If she feels like listening.
Can you tell he has been working out? Believe it or not, he looks like he has put on some weight and doesn't look nearly as skinny as he did. This pretty much sums up my little boy... "I'm professional but still like to party." -Beckett (bottom of the tie says "AC/DC") Then he carried around a calculator for a good part of the afternoon which was absolutely hysterical.
Okay back to my helpers. We rarely unload the dishwasher with the babies around because they like to grab the sharpest or most fragile thing and make a run for the living room. Then most of it has to go back into the dishwasher because it end up on the floor or licked by the dogs. We also rarely load the dishwasher because again, they will grab the dirtiest thing and try to lick it or again make a run for the living room with it. You get the picture. I've started to only do dishes when they are in the feeding table or I put a gate up between the living room and kitchen so I can watch them but they don't have access. I'm not sure what happened today or why the gate was down after breakfast but I got a little glimpse into the future of what it would be like to have my children help with the dishes. I guess they have been paying attention.

Disclaimer- I don't climb into the dishwasher. I don't know where Addy learned that. And the music was not part of the montage. That was really playing in the background and if you listen very close you just might hear me sing. Just after that Eloise went and got some blocks and put them in the dishwasher. Yet another reason why their access to large appliances is limited.

This one is astounding to me. There was a time that Addy was really involved with cleaning and wiping things but she hasn't shown too much interest lately. Until the other day when she picked up a disposable bib and started wiping the feeding table after dinner right after I finished doing the exact same thing. Then you will see what happens next.

Beckett copied her! Eloise was chasing the dog with a spatula. I guess she is going to leave the heavy cleaning to the bigger kids and it will be her job to torture the dogs.

I don't know where they "picked" this up because Rich and I rarely kiss or hug or pick our noses for that matter ;) The best for last.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Really Long Vacation

I don't think it has sunk in that we are really living in Milwaukee. I feel like we are on a really long vacation. I'm not sure why, maybe I need to stop living out of my cosmetic bag, maybe it is the glorious weather or maybe it is that after 2 1/2 years of weekly traveling, Rich is home for several weeks.
I did a bunch of unpacking but we still have 3 rooms that are just kind of junked up with boxes and things we don't know what to do with. I've reached a plateau with the unpacking because now things are livable but we don't have any art on the walls or any sort of decorations up. It's hard to want to decorate knowing that in a few months I have to pack it all up again. Also, it is finally time to admit it and I'm posting this in middle out of context in the hopes that no one reads it but putting it in writing makes it real so here it goes...I'm never going to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again so basically my entire wardrobe is going either to a consignment store or Goodwill. It's a shame because I have some really beautiful things but at this point I just love my cake and chips and flavored iced coffee and yoga pants too much to give it all up for a couple of slinky dresses and tight jeans. There. Done.

Now to the more important things like football! I dressed the kids up to watch the Texas vs. OU football game on Saturday. It was a little touch and go around here for a few hours when Rich thought that the game was not going to be on locally but we were able to watch it. For a little while anyway before it was too depressing and we switched over to the Wisconsin vs. Michigan State game for Uncle Bill. Thanks to the Urech Quads for the cheerleading outfits.

Addy did have a skirt on before it got wet. We since have moved her to bigger diapers.

Eloise searching for the right bib to go with her outfit.

Daddy learned this move at cheerleading camp and taught it to Eloise.
(actually, she was just bothered by stepping on the seam in her tights but Rich going to cheerleading camp is more fun.)

Cleaning up after the big game.

The townhouse we are leasing is next to a dog park and a fairly busy neighborhood so the kids just adore watching out the window for bikes, kids walking to school, trucks, doggies or "arf-arf", "mama", "dada" and the latest "gum". I still don't know what that is. They are too short to see but through trial and error they figured out the best viewing method.
I have half a mind to complain to the leasing office about not cleaning the windows. Just kidding.

And again.

"Let's look for doggies" is a foolproof distraction for our kids. I'm sure I was trying to distract Addy from doing something she was not supposed to be doing.

Such as standing on the tractor.

Or standing on the train with a straw in her mouth.

New interests also include:

Sweeping- this is mostly Beckett. He throws a fit if someone else touches the broom or we take it away for meals. I know, mean parents not allowing brooms at the table.

New fighting methods.

Eating pizza

Perfecting the art of lock picking.

Let's get a closer look at that- Addy trying to undo the childlock on the tv hutch.

Fake smiling.

Hiding when it is time to change poopy diapers.

Sorting plasticware- all of the tupperware, water bottles, plastic cups ect are still in a box and the kids like to empty it. I'm not sure they will ever get put away; this activity provides too much entertainment.

Ripping apart magazines. Pottery Barn happened to be the victim today.

And hanging on the beach that we can walk to.

(Addy is scared of the birds)

Maybe it is the beach that is throwing me into the whole vacation mode. I'm sure I'll snap back into reality in about a month when the cold weather hits. I have more video that demonstrates the true characters of our children but I'm too tired to figure out how to get it off my phone just now. Think headbutting and kissing.