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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 18 and Visitors

Sorry it has been so long! The last weeks were busy with changing jobs and my dad, Bambi, and Isaac came to visit to help get the house organized. And while we were cooking and stuffing me full of food we figured out that my stomach is now the same size as Papa and Isaac. I know I promised no pregnancy belly pictures but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Guess who is who.

And with our shirts on….

Papa and Bambi were here for 6 days and helped with everything imaginable from painting to gardening to cooking me meals to freeze and even putting up solar motion lights on the front of the house. It was good to have several more sets of eyes looking at things that could be moved and how to better utilize space. We even bought and put together the three cribs so I could see that my big plans of a book shelf and upholstered chair had to be scrapped because the only thing that fits are 3 cribs and maybe a changing table. I felt bad they worked so hard the whole time but I guess they had a good time because they are coming back at the end of April for round 2. Hopefully all the hostas, cannas and other bulbs that Bambi planted will have come up. Papa thought the shower in the guest bathroom needed some new grout and Bambi is going to paint and cook me more food to freeze. With Rich gone during the week it has been incredibly helpful to have healthy and organic food in the freezer that I can just pull out and heat up because by that time of the day, I’m really too tired to care what I eat.
Each time someone comes from Wisconsin they seem to bring one whole suitcase of baby clothes which is amazing. Thanks to everyone who has given us baby clothes. Each one is cuter than the last but the whole boy vs. girl thing is throwing off my organizational system of the clothes. I guess I’ll have more pressing issues and won’t be too bent out of shape that my little boy is wearing a pink onesie. Rich on the other hand….

I went to the OB for my 18 week sonogram on the 12th and the bad news is that they had just run out of film before I got there so I don’t have any pictures. But the good news is that they are healthy and active and still measuring bigger than their real age. The sonographer said each one is about 9 inches long. They are stacked one on top of each other so when she was looking at Baby C she was up by my ribs. That made a lot more sense why I feel so full quickly, get short of breath easier and I have heartburn. My OB said due to their size they are starting to push up on my diaphragm and therefore squishing my internal organs and lungs. I guess this is normal and expected but I was very surprised it was happening so soon. This would also explain why I don’t have that perfect little baby bump. I look more like I have a baby bump and I’m very full like I just ate a 96 ounce steak. Papa and Bambi got to see the sonogram and the three little ones kicking and squirming like crazy. And it is still 2 girls and one boy.

When will I go on bed rest seems to be the big question. Right now I’m still working full-time and being monitored every two weeks for signs of early labor that would put me on bed rest. Unless something really dramatic happens, the bed rest order should not come as a surprise and is gradual based on how well I respond or really more likely, how well I follow direction. For example I may go from cutting back on hours at work to “house arrest” to home bed rest to hospital bed rest. Or I could walk into the hospital on week 37 for a scheduled C-section (that’s my plan). It all just depends on these bi-weekly checks. Right now everything looks very good and no signs of early labor. I go back for an in-depth sonogram on Friday which would be my 20 week sonogram and they better have film because they really don’t want to make me mad right now. I’m already irritated enough at wearing the compression hose, moving up to size large scrubs and having to sleep propped up on 3 pillows to prevent heartburn.

Thanks again Papa, Bambi and Isaac for all of your help getting our house ready for the babies and all of your insight.

And one final note, congratulations to my cousin Melly on her engagement. We are very excited for you and are looking forward to a big trip to DC for all of us next spring.

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