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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

37 Shirts, Not 27 Dresses

If anyone reading this blog thinks that I'm a controlling tyrant. You are probably right but Rich is not so innocent either and here is a perfect example of how we work so well together.
So I'm going around the house room by room trying to get stuff ready to move and one of the last things I want to tackle is Rich's dresser. Why would that be my responsibility you ask? Because I've been trying to get him to clean it out for years to no avail and I refuse to pay for movers to move a bunch of junk. We both have decided that his dresser is not going to make the move with us because it is so STINKY and we don't know why.

So while he was gone this week I took it upon myself to dump every dresser drawer into one big pile in middle of the room then I called him and told him what I had done and informed him I was going to throw out a bunch of his clothes.
All he said was, "Be careful, there are some credit cards and important papers in there."

I think he didn't get mad that I was throwing away his stuff because:
1. It saves him from doing it.
2. He trusts me enough that he knows I'm not going to throw away anything good.
3. It saves him from doing it.

It's pretty incredible what was in that dresser. All that was in there was tee shirts, socks, underwear and athletic gear such as leg warmers (not the Flashdance kind but the kind to keep your legs warm while riding a bike in the winter, actually same thing), bike shoe covers, GU, golf tees and the like. Then I sorted all of the tee shirts and realized that all my husband wears are tee shirts from the various races he has done. Specifically he has 37 tee shirts and wicking shirts from various marathons and triathlons. And those are just ones that I haven't thrown away, YET. I think those are the culprit of the stinky dresser and the culprit of of my husbands suspicious fashion sense. Honey, I love you but we have to get you some new clothes or I'm going to call Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to whip you into shape.

Oh yeah, and when I told him that he had 37 race shirts he said, "You have a problem if you are counting them. Do you have too much time on your hands?"
He is such a silly joker.

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