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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boys in the Hood

We had a pleasant surprise the other day when we went to the park and found Jackson and Max (6 and 4 years old). They don't live in our 'hood but their Nana does and the boys have been curiously watching the triplets and the triplets have been curiously watching the big boys since last fall.
Jackson in particular has been very interested in them, more specifically Addy. I think it is because he asked who was the "bravest" and maybe I said Addy or he figured it was Addy because of the bump on her head. He's fascinated with her hemangioma.

He was so cute chasing her all around the park and herding her back when she would run and try to get the garbage can. He was glued to her side.
Kids to the funniest things. He was making his Nana's dog Rupert wag his tail for Addy's amusement.
What a sweet role model for his little brother Max. Max didn't want to be left out so he took a shining to Eloise. Actually I think it was the other way around. Eloise walked over to Max and grabbed on and then they were walking holding hands.

Seriously, is he the cutest or what?

When they weren't holding hands, this is how Max would walk to protect her from falling. It doesn't get much sweeter.

Where was Mr. Beckett you ask?
Don't worry about him. He was very busy inspecting our ride making sure it was in working order.

And I'm guessing up to no good here. Probably booby-trapping their seats.

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