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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fish Fry Friday

Before we moved to WI, Rich made me promise 3 things:
1. Our basement could not become a collection of half done projects and collections of junk picked items.
2. He did not have to go to Farmer's Markets and rummage sales every weekend.
3. Friday night fish frys would be limited to once every 6 weeks.

Easy peasy. I have no idea where the every 6 weeks came from but I thought that was not too much to ask. Whoops. I already broke one rule. We went to Friday Night Fish Fry two weeks in a row with the most recent being the Friday before Christmas when everyone was together. Admittedly it is not the most nutritious meal but for the kids but holy cow is it entertaining. Polka dancing, bubble machines, kids running wild, an old lodge with a Christmas tree in the middle and reindeer sweaters? Classic Christmas in Wisco. Oh and Beckett has become quite the little dancer. Break dancer that is.
Probably learned his moves from Uncle Isaac who is breaking it down for Eloise and Oliver.

You call that dancing?

Check out this spin.

Beckett started the break polkaing trend for the toddlers because in no time all the kids were on the floor flipping and kicking.

Beckett was about to throw down and do the worm but the bubble machine and the Chicken Dance distracted all of them.

Look at the guy with the accordion. He's pretty sweet and plays every week.

Eloise with a height advantage.

One more shot of the move that started it all...

The Fish Fry kicked off an entire WEEK of activities that has convinced the kids that every day from now on they should wake up to presents, cookies, Mimis and a full day of entertainment. The weaning process for these high expectations is not easy. Does anyone else think that holidays are an exercise in endurance for parents? I'm exhausted. Still.

As for my other promises, I think I've been good to my word. I have not YET junk picked anything although I saw a chair this summer on the curb that I drove by about 10 times and had to convince myself to keep driving. I did buy 6 vintage wooden folding chairs at a rummage sale for $5 each that I'm going to refinish and are sitting in the basement. But I don't consider them junk since I saw the EXACT chairs being sold at a estate sale for $45 each. Not junk. And actually used for our dinner with 14 people at Christmas at my new dining room table. Our dining room is no longer a Cozy Coupe Firetruck and Police Car bumper car course much to the dismay of the kids. Pics to come.

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