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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pants with a waistband keep you honest

My friend Gigi always has the best little gems of advice. She was the one who told me that if I ever needed a confidence boost to put on a pair of my tightest jeans and take a stroll through Home Depot. I got another little gem from her from her last minute fantastic visit on Friday (she lives in Arkansas and was in Chicago for work. She said that pants with a waistband keep you honest. So true. When you wear scrubs to work and sweatpants or leggings when you are not at work, you can kid yourself. Some days I dread putting on jeans or something with a waistband.
The same goes for Beckett. Last week I came home and Yesenia, our nanny, told me that we need to buy some new pants for Beckett. All of his pants are too short. They fit on top because they are size 18 months or 24 months but the poor kid looks like he is waiting for a flood. I've been to about 5 stores and can't find pants that are long enough but still fit in the waistband. He has the opposite problem. But, we went to the pediatrician on Friday to do a weight check and he is making strides. Before he was maintaining his own curve but looks like he is slowly inching closer to the 3%. Still below the 3rd percentile but getting closer.
Back to Princess Gigi. We picked Gigi up from the train station and I had told the girls that Gigi was a princess. They believed me because who else would have access to something as fabulous as this...

Eloise and Beckett were naturals. It was a little disconcerting how well Eloise could walk in heels. And what can I say about Beckett. The kid can dress.
The girls slept with the heels next to their bed and have been either wearing them or hauling them around in their shopping carts or purses ever since.

The most special people arrive on the train. We pick Rich up from the train station a few days a week. The kids love it. I get them in their pajamas, give them cups of milk and we drive to the station. Beckett is pretty convinced that Rich rides the Dinosaur Train to Chicago. Since sometimes the Dinosaur Train get stuck or delayed, it makes sense to them if sometimes Rich is not home before they go to sleep. But they love it when the train is on time.

No smiling faces tonight. As much as I love the time change because theoretically the kids will be getting up at 7:15 rather than 6:15, the 1 hour adjustment is horrendous for kiddos who are used to a pretty rigid schedule. We did everything the same today including putting them down to bed at 7:30, which to their bodies was 6:30. No wonder there was so much monkey business for 2.5 hours. They will back on schedule by the middle of the week- just in time for me to head to CA for a long weekend. Can't wait. Long weekend in San Diego. Have I said that I can't wait?

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