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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Train Wreck

I really need to just go to sleep because I've been up at 5 this week and I have a dry cough that doesn't seem to go away BUT I have this terrible guilt about neglecting the blog so of course the guilt got the best of me.
Still musical beds around here. Some nights I go to sleep in Beckett's room because it is a more restful night that having both girls and sometimes Beckett come into the room in the middle of the night. Addy has really become quite the little snuggle bug so I think probably 20 of the last 21 nights she has come into our room in middle of the night and wants to sleep in our bed. Not just in our bed but right next to me. As close as she can and with her head right next to mine. With all the curly hair I'm always inching away because it gets in my nose and mouth. Last night I swear I had about 2 inches of a king sized bed to sleep on. As long as I'm on the subject, napping has become just as painful. Usually I can get Eloise and Beckett to nap but Addy is just done. Yesterday no one napped. Since it is getting light earlier they think it is time to get up earlier. Addy was up at 6 yesterday following me around while I was getting ready for work.
It is 75 minutes after I put the kids to bed and I can heard Beckett saying, "Booger Mama. Booger mama." I should be happy they want to give me their boogers rather than just wipe them on the wall or their pajamas but holy man, please just go to sleep.
I had a conference at Eloise's school on Monday with all of her therapists, teachers and her case manager and they basically told me that the kids are going to sleep during the day (nap) or sleep at night but don't expect both at this age. I can see what they mean because no one napped yesterday and then after dinner I put the kids in their pjs and put them in the car with their milk and picked Rich up from the train station, two were asleep by the time we got home. Now all three napped today (no idea how that happened- I was at work) and now they are just playing and refusing to go to bed.
I told them that I would "snuggle" with them when I got out of the shower figuring they would be asleep or at least a few would be when I was done. Nope. All three were laying on the floor in the hallway with their pillows waiting for me. At one point it was pretty quiet and then I heard all this laughing and went into the girls room and all three were sitting together on their chair. I broke the rules and turned on the light to take a picture.
-look at that filthy lovie in Eloise's mouth. She only likes that one. They all call them "stinky lovies" now. That's just the name. And the girls are princess obsessed. See Addy with her princess purse even in bed?

Back to the conference at Eloise' school. They said she is doing so well that they are cutting back on her speech and OT. She will still be going to school 2 mornings a week because she needs the social integration but they said that for the most part she is functioning on the level of the kids in the class that are the non-therapeutic-need kids. Amazing. She looks forward to going now, talks about her friends and talks about her teachers. When we talk about the people that love her she always mentions the names of her teachers and therapists at school. We set 6 month goals for her and she had met and far exceeded all the goals we had set for her when we first started her therapy 6 months ago. If you remember they thought she had the language skills of about a 12 month old. We were hoping she would be imitating or signing 1-2 word phrases. She is on 3-4 and sometimes 5 words with multiple syllables. So proud of this little pumpkin. That day neither she nor Addy napped. Rich was home so he stayed with Beckett while I took the girls to get cupcakes and go shopping at Anthropologie.

Doing things with just one or two kids is such a treat. I had so much fun with the girls and they just LOVED Anthropologie. Addy kept saying, "Ohhhh Mama, me like this!" or "OHHH Mama, a pink dress! I like pink." They really loved the whole collection of door/cabinet/dresser knobs. I explained to them that they were for dressers and we didn't need them and Addy said, "Mama, me's have a dresser!" like I didn't know. Very smart that one.

I have Beckett's conference on Friday and I'm hoping that it will just as good. I think his physical therapy is going great and we can see great progress with his coordination and running and jumping in the short time he has been going. But they bumped up his speech therapy and he his having a hard adjusting to his new group speech therapy. We'll see. But holy cow if you want to see something cute you should see him run down the hallway and hug his waiting sisters when he is done with therapy. It is so sweet. They are all playing together more, which means more fighting over toys but between the fighting is more conversations and cooperative play. And when one does something, every one has to. Like wear a costume.

Here we have a lion and an astronaut. Hugging.

Beckett got this NANA Astronaut suit from his TX Mimi last year and it finally fits. You would not believe how much this fits his personality. But he did want to wear pink Missoni rain boots with it (see above). Gotta love it.

And Miss Personality herself looking outside at it snowing. Buck naked. After this she read some books and then painted before I could convince her to put clothes on. Whatever. It's not like it's snowing outside or anything. Hope she grows out of this phase soon.

The lion and the astronaut were Beckett and Eloise who thankfully prefer to stay clothed. Here is another of them playing and sorting crayons and coloring books. I'm sure it is not a sorting system or method that has been approved by me but I'll take all the help I can get.

The girls have been playing so much better together as well. One day during dinner Eloise was feeding Addy which was pretty cute until it turned into a poking match.

The other morning Addy was playing with a Thomas the Train that runs on batteries as I was going out the door to work. She turned it on meaning the wheels were moving and put it on her head. Yep. Had to cut her hair to get the train off of her head at 6:30 in the morning.

I would have taken a picture with it attached to her head but I didn't have time because it was pulling out her hair. Now that's a train wreck.

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