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Friday, August 21, 2009

Grandma Babysitting

My mom arrived on Sunday to stay for a few days giving Rich and I chance to go out to a nice dinner for his birthday. Happy Belated 35th Birthday! It was the first time I attempted to put on real clothes other than yoga pants and tennis shoes. Luckily the roomy sundresses are still in style and I managed to cram myself into one of those. I tried to see if I could wear my regular pants yet and stupidly the pair I picked to try were stretch white jeans. That was a HUGE mistake. I'm lucky I even got out of those things without the use of scissors. According to my friend Gigi, if a lady ever needs a little ego boost, put on a pair of tight jeans and make a trip to the local Home Depot. I may have to try that after the trauma of the white jeans fiasco. Anyway, we went to dinner and my mom stayed with all three babies. We made sure we were home for the 8 pm feeding because asking her to do that feeding alone would have been just plain cruel but may have been warranted when we found out what Grandma was up to while we were gone.

I guess this is Grandma's version of babysitting. Plop them on the couch with pacifiers in their mouth. I'm surprised she just didn't give them Benadryl for good measure. Why not turn the TV to "Rock of Love" and encourage them to select role models?

I guess she had to do that because she was exhausted from dressing them up in goofy outfits and taking pictures.

This is my little Eloise with a ribbon on her head that came from a box of chocolates.

Addy was in a jungle themed short suit with knee socks.

You can't see it but Beckett is wearing a dress with rocking horses on it.

Eloise had her pants pulled up past her chest...

And apparently a 6 lbs baby smells so bad it makes her gag and become so incapacitated she can't even change diapers.

"Just kidding Grandma. We love and miss you. We won't tell Mom that you gave us gum and soda pop." -Adeline

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