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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Change of Plans..

I'm writing this from the hospital in a drug induced haze. No, you didn't accidentally click on an old post from June 9th. I'm in the hospital again but I'm not having a set of triplets this time and I'm about 50 lbs lighter.
I was admitted last night (8-1) because of an abscess in my breast. While the babies were in the NICU I had 2 bouts of mastitis and was treated with antibiotics with the last round ending about 1 week ago. I could tell something was still wrong and I still wasn't feeling great but I assumed it was just from lack of sleep and stress. Then 2 days ago I developed a fever and then yesterday I was so feverish I developed a rash. I reluctantly went to the ER on Saturday night thinking they would give me more antibiotics and I wanted to go and get it taken care of before Rich left for Detriot on Monday morning. I went reluctantly because I didn't want to leave Rich by himself with the babies. I did have bottles made up through the 8 am feeding so I thought I had it covered.
Again, change in plans. I was admitted for IV antibiotics and surgical evaluation. As it turned out, I'm getting 3 different types of antibiotics round the clock and I had a procedure done in Interventional Radiology this morning to put a drain in to drain the infection. I won't go into details but it is pretty gross and uncomfortable and I'm still feverish and of course freaked out about leaving the babies.
Rich had the babies by himself all last night and then his sister and mom came to help him today. He said he would be fine and didn't need help but he didn't even have clean bottles to use, all the baby clothes was in laundry baskets and he only had a few hours of sleep the night before so I was very worried. Also, he had never made a bottle and I had to walk him through the process which is a little complicated because of the added calories and thickener.
I'm hearing reports that he did fantastic. I think the babies are wearing mismatched outfits and there are probably burp cloths, bottles, blankets and toys all over but the babies were fed, changed and loved so that is what is important. Luckily my fairy godmother (aka night nanny) is coming tonight to give Rich a break and a few hours of sleep. She also does all the laundry and takes care of the bottles so Rich will have a fresh start in the morning.
Hopefully I'll be out of the hospital Monday or Tuesday. I feel like I've been dealing with medical problems for months now and I'm just looking forward to being home with my babies when I'm finally healthy. I can still pump milk from the other breast because as I've been told, "Each breast has a mind of their own." But for now I'm having to dump it out because it is not safe for the babies because of all of the medication and dye from the CT scans.
It is very strange to be in the hospital and not have Rich here with me but I can take care of myself. It is the babies that need him more than me now and I'm so fortunate that I have a husband who is so capable and unfazed by taking care of the babies. A few days ago, I wanted nothing more than a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Now, I want nothing more than to be healthy so I can go back to the crazy schedule of feedings and changing and taking care of my beautiful babies. I guess be careful what you wish for!

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