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Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Bunny- Milagro

Hope and I took the babies outside to experience their first rain storm. Actually it was just sprinkling and one of the few times it was cool enough to be outside so we thought the fresh air and light would do them some good. I'm really paranoid that they will develop bowed legs from vitamin deficiency. So putting them in the acid rain on a cloudy day seemed like the perfect solution. My night nanny cancelled the night before so I wasn't thinking too clearly.

This is a perfect representation of the morning. Ms. Addy was not happy to be to put down.
Pickles is really my little pug nanny. When she hears a baby cry she sits on the floor next to them. This was the first time the babies were on the ground and she was very happy to sit next to them.

She has a lot of extra skin from losing weight so she looks like a brooding chicken when she is laying down. Notice that one baby is missing? Ms. Addy got her way and was held for the rest of the morning.
While we were sitting there all of the sudden we saw something brown moving in the pool. It was the baby bunny that lives in the bushes next to the house doggie paddling for her life. We saw her for the first time a few days earlier. I guess she wanted a drink of water and fell in. I grabbed and dogs and pulled them in the house and Hope ran and scooped her up.

The bunny was about 5 inches long and her little heart was pounding so hard. If we hadn't been out there she probably wouldn't have been able to swim much longer. I'm so glad Hope was there because she has a knack for saving animals. She has a wild turkey at home she rescued as a baby and nursed back to life after she fell in a bucket of poop and couldn't get out. Milagro the turkey was promised she would make it past Thanksgiving if she made it through the first night. That was last Thanksgiving.
Anyway, Hope dried her off and I called my neighbor who is always rescuing various critters and calling Animal Control. He is also calling the police all the time about "suspicious activity" and suspected poisons and "people of interest" but that is a whole other story. He said to put her back near her nest and her mom will take care of her. I was worried that she would fall back in the pool but he said she should have learned her lesson and if she does, it is probably better and falls out of the genetic bunny pool, so to speak.
Hope put her back on the ground and she hopped next to the fence to rest.

We looked for her nest, or actually Hope did. I was too scared of the Mama bunny to go too near the bushes.

There was more discussion about how to help the bunny should she accidentally fall in again. Hope said that in New Mexico when there have buckets of water sometimes lizards crawl in and can't get out so they put sticks in the water to help the lizards crawl back out. A big stick wouldn't work for a bunny so we rigged up our own emergency bunny exit ramp in the hopes that the bunny would try swimming to the edge.

So far so good. Hopefully she learned her lesson. The bunny is also named Milagro, Spanish for miracle.

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  1. Kate - Thank you so much for taking the time to write all these posts so regularly, keeping us all informed and very entertained. You and Rich are amazing. So is Hope! I'm glad she is there with you - what a perfect person to have visit you! Your babies are gorgeous and adorable. It is all a milagro!