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Friday, August 5, 2011

Dresses and Pickles

Just trying to catch up on some pictures so I'm posting in chronological order. Before we moved one day while getting the kids dressed I was really talking up the pretty dresses the girls were going to wear. Learned my lesson because Beckett got a hold of one of the dresses and refused to let go. I mean, tantrum central. Whatever. Wearing a dress for a day is not going to hurt anyone. Here's Addy in her dress going shopping.
And Beckett in his dress- sweeping the rug of course.

And making a smoothie in the Cuisinart for the doggie.

Notice that he is now wearing a cardigan. He wanted the complete look, like Addy. She got a cardigan so he needed one as well. Luckily we only have one pair of red patent leather Mary Janes.

This is more like it although I'm not sure Rich is too crazy about the "I just retired in Palm Beach" look but I think it fits him and I usually get them dressed so I win this battle.

I just have to post the last pictures of our sweet little pug Pickles. My last post didn't do her justice so I want to tell you a little bit about the sweetest dog in the world. We got her from the pug rescue 4 years ago. She looked like a pot-bellied pig because he belly hung on the ground. She was taken from a house with 12 other dogs and 100 rabbits so her diet was probably mostly rabbit poop. She was scared to be pet and didn't know about treats or toys and would sit facing the wall staring. They thought she was 8 years old and obviously had a number of litters. She was mostly blind, missing most of her teeth and her tongue hung out of the side of her mouth when we got her. She was a surprisingly agile and skilled swimmer which we found out when she would fall in the pool by accident (couldn't see it!) Before we had the babies we found out that by accident she loved baby dolls or at the scent of them so she had her own baby doll. When we brought the trio home from the NICU Pickles would sit on the floor next to the babies wherever they were and followed us when we were carrying them. We called her "The Pug Nanny." We knew this winter would be hard on her but she seemed to rally after the first snowfall and with carrying her up and down the stairs she seemed better. Our final move was too much for her. She was a very special dog and a testament to the good that comes from a rescue.
This spring Eloise decided she wanted to walk the dogs- I mean hold the leash when we are at the park. At first she had Bella but then Bella took off and Eloise went flying through the air. Pickles was more her speed and even though outweighed her, would only walk if you pulled her.

Miss you precious girl!

Love this picture of all three running- looks like Bella is chasing them but I think they were just really running in circles and screaming. Better outdoors than in!

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