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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Old Kate

I found her. She was in Dallas last weekend while the kids were still in Milwaukee. In other words, Rich and I went to Dallas last weekend without the kids for 3 nights and 4 days for a wedding. I felt like my old self for a few days not worrying about schedules or cleaning or the next meal or lovies or sippy cups or fighting over toys or keeping everyone safe in eyesight or what/who is that smell? I felt like it was back to our life before the kids but we just happened to be staying at a hotel rather than our house. Ahhhh, let me just reminisce a little about what I used to do and got to indulge in last weekend.
-Woke up on my own at 9:00 and not to someone yelling at 6 am- Out Mommy, PLEEEASE!!
-Drank coffee in bed watching TV
-Had my nails done non-stop girl talking with my friend, Jillian
-Ate lunch at the best and much missed BBQ at Rudy's with our friend, Cari
-Shopped and had afternoon iced tea (soooo Southern) with my friend Lindsay and her new beautiful baby, Kingsley.
-More girl talk while holding Kingsley while she napped (OMG, I got my baby fix and was unbelievably jealous to experience what life is like with one baby. I never held my babies while they slept or napped so it was a HUGE treat and I couldn't put her down.)
-Headed to my sister-in-law's to help her get ready for her wedding the next day
-Ate a late sushi dinner sitting outside watching the scene with Rich
-Went back to the hotel to eat dessert and watched TV without the lingering guilt of cleaning or laundry or dishes to take care of.
It was a wonderful break for us and so much fun to see our family and friends and get to attend Laura's wedding. Congrats to Laura and Bobby. And congrats to my Dad and Bambi for surviving 3 nights and 4 long days with the trips. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the trip possible for us. It is so important for me to remember that life has to be more than the sometimes very isolating and insular world of a stay at home mom with triplets.
The temperature reached 107 while we were in Dallas and funny thing that I think I was really only hot one time. The heat did not really bother me probably because I hadn't spend the last 2 months in 3-digit temperatures and I was just hanging out not corraling kids. In fact, by the time we got on the plane I was tired of being COLD! Rich used to make fun of me for carrying around a wool sweater with me all summer.
We were delayed 3 hours coming back to Milwaukee and I was scared to call Bambi to tell her because I know the feeling of counting down the hours and minutes until relief arrives. Like when Rich travels and then he calls and says he had to jump on a later plane- my heart just sinks so I was worried to make the call. Bambi said, "That's fine but I hope you will be home by 5 because I have a yoga class. I NEED to go. I'm going to go." Maybe that was not word for word but something along those lines. Pretty funny. We rushed home to make it. I think she had to double up on yoga that week.

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