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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Haircuts- or Cut, Cut as Addy says...

The day the moving company was at our house packing, I took the kids to Green Bay to my Mom's house for the first time. We had always talked about the kids getting their first real haircut from my Mom's friend, Kathy, at her salon, Yellow Sox, but we never thought it would really happen because of timing. Lucky for us, Kathy worked on her day off just to cut their hair and even brought entertainment- her adorable and bright little ray of sunshine, her daughter Lyra.
It was kind of bittersweet because it was like cutting off the last tie to their babyhood. No more little frizzy wispy hair. Just big kids now.
It was a bit of a discussion about the order because I knew Eloise would be apprehensive and possibly flip out but I was nervous about her being last and waiting and then before her turn starting the "go, go, go" screaming and pointing at the door. Beckett went first. He looked like he was trying to be brave but that lip could start quivering at any moment.

Now when I look back at that goofy hair, I totally crack up. Like I've always said- Terry Bradshaw called and he wants his hair cut back.

I glad I waited so long to get his hair cut. The cut transformed him from looking like a baby to a two year old little boy.

Since Beckett went first, it gave time for Addy to contemplate the fate of her beautiful curls...

And also time to befriend Lyra. Look at them holding hands within minutes of meeting.

We were all cracking up. Cathy had to brush out Addy's hair before cutting and this is precisely why I never BRUSH it (hence the ever present threat of dreadlocks).

Cathy had to cut many of her curls off because they were frizzy baby hair so now it can be more manageable and less frizzy as it grows out. I try to keep a barrette in it to soften the look but that lasts about 5 seconds with her. Hmm, imagine that.

I had no reason to worry about Eloise. She did great and as always, relished in the extra attention.

Love these pictures because it captures the energy and glee the whole time we were there. Beckett and Eloise are in the chair and little Lyra is running as fast as she can pushing the chair in circles while Addy is getting her haircut.

Checking out the hair dryers and Beckett is not one to be left behind...
Like I said, he was not to be outdone by his sister and not make a new friend too.

As we were leaving Lyra headed to her car to get her car seat to put it in my car so she could come home with us to play. Can you just see these big eyes welling up with tears when she found out we were leaving without her? So sweet.

Of course I forgot to take real before and after pictures so Beckett's and Addy's "after" pictures are really from our vacation the following week. Here's a last look at the fabulous cuts and a sneak peek of our vacation pictures. This happens to be on a car ferry which is why now we can't say "boat" without everyone frantically pointing to themselves and screaming because THEY were all on a boat as if I could forget. You can just barely see the lovey hanging out of Addy's mouth over the railing and Beckett biting Rich in the shoulder. More to come...

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