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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trying to move past Halloween

Addy is in mourning over Halloween being over. She still yells "trick or treat" at least once a day hoping I'll give her candy. I'm trying to get them to focus on the upcoming holidays and forget about Halloween. I don't think they will get the idea of giving thanks quite yet so I asked them today what makes them happy. This is what I got-
Addy- kitty cats, babies
Eloise- babies, dada here, sissy (Aunt Sarah)
Beckett- hippos
Beckett should have said dinosaurs if he really had his thinking cap on. He has to wear dinosaurs every day. If his pajamas have some sort of dinosaur on them then he refuses to take off the shirt and wears it under his regular shirt. Fine with me. I put two shirts on him anyway and this just saves on my laundry load. He can recognize and name various dinosaurs, correct you if you incorrectly name one and frequently we can only get him to eat protein if it is "T-Rex meat" or if he is a T-Rex eating his meal. Also, if you ask him any questions about eating his answer is always "dog poop" or "dog food" no matter what the question may be. If you ask him what a certain animal, any animal, likes to eat he says "kitty cats." Apparently all animals eat kitty cats.
Beckett is also obsessed with sweeping.

This happens to be a kid broom and dust pan but I also give him the Swiffer and a large mop every once in a while in the hopes that he can be useful. Please don't mind the heart leggings he is wearing. I really have no problem with him wearing girl clothes. I don't encourage it but if he wants to wear something, I have bigger battles to fight on a daily basis.

I'm not sure what Rich or the kids are going to do with themselves once we actually have dining room furniture. Right now the dining room has turned into a race course, a place to build forts, a driving track for the cozy coupes and on this day a...well I don't know what it is. All I know is Rich puts the kids on a blanket and pulls them around in circles on the floor.

And then backwards

Until they look like this...

They love it. I may have to hide all the blankets because Addy now will pull a blanket down, put it on the floor and yell, "Beckett, pull!!!" and get super ticked off when no one follows her commands. She's very bossy. Wonder where she got that from?
For example tonight after bath she had a blanket on the floor and didn't want Rich or I to touch it. She was all snuggled up in it and if I got near she would say, "Moob there, mama, moooob." (translation- move over there Mom, move.) They all have trouble with their v's. She thought I was going to let her go to sleep on the floor. Nice try. She's bossy, but I'm bossier.
The other night they were all snuggled up, actually SHARING a blanket before bedtime stories. Yes, I know they all look a little cross eyed and crazy but to get all three in one picture is rare. Also, it is a good look at the totally G R O S S lovies they cling to at bedtime.

I am aware that Beckett still has a pacifier. It's only at bedtime and sometimes if he has a super messy diaper that is going to take some time, nose plugs and a whole box of wipes to deal with.
Almost every night I yell, I mean, ever so sweetly remind Rich that after bath is quiet time and time to settle down and get ready for bed. I tell Rich but I guess I forgot to tell the MONSTER that always attacks them from under the blanket!

All the kids are very concerned about any sort of mark on your face or body that might even slightly resemble an "owwie." Rich so cleverly taught them what a zit is and how to go about popping it. Another super quiet and relaxing before bed activity.

That is just a warning for anyone who we are going to see over Thanksgiving who might have any sort of blemish on their face and wonder what my kids are trying to do to them...

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