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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa is a no go

Guess we should have mentioned the whole Santa Claus thing prior to the drive to see him. First I spring on them the whole "you can walk up to people's houses and yell Trick or Treat and they give you candy thing" and then I say they can't do that anymore and then I make a big deal out of turkey and they eat it and throw up multiple times and now I start telling them about this guy that brings toys down the chimney to "good" boys and girls and he drives a sleigh with flying reindeer and there are elves and whatnot. They may have lost faith in my stories because they are just not buying it.

But, they still believe that giant beetles, woolly mammoths and dinosaurs exist. I haven't told them my whole "extinction" story yet.

Beckett is just going to be furious when he hears this one. Currently his favorite exhibit at the zoo is the shrub in trimmed into the shape of a brontosaurus.

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