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Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Happenings on Sunday- Hopefully

Good news and bad news. The good news is that when I went to the hospital yesterday they said that ALL THREE could home with us on Sunday provided they were free of alarms and passed their car seat test. Then about 2 hours later, little Eloise had an episode of bradycardia and bought herself another 5 days. It was so sad, I looked over the monitoring strip with the nurse to make sure it was a true episode and not just a fake one where the leads where just not picking up. So that was the bad news and really, that can happen to any one of the three at anytime which would push back their discharge date 5 days. I thought we were on pins and needles before...
The other news is that Beckett is going to be circumcised in the next day or so. He is so little- a little over 4 lbs- it seems too traumatic for someone that small.
Also, they are all free of all of their feeding tubes. Now they really have to work for their food 8 times a day. Sounds like a lot but they only get 1.5 oz 8 times a day and sometimes even that takes them 30 minutes to drink.
They are having their hospital pictures taken today so I have to make sure I have all of their "outfits and bows" ready for the pictures. Just kidding. No bows for these girls yet. I just have a couple of goofy hats and a blanket my mom made. I'm not even bringing clothes for them. I like little naked babies and the outfits distract from their perfect faces, bald heads and crossed eyes.


  1. Kate - you can choose not to circumcise him. Do some reading about it if you're concerned! I don't know what the latest research is, but at the time my kids were born it sounded really scary and unnecessary!

  2. Hey...glad they are getting ready to come home! :)
    FYI...Brooks was circumcised the day before he came home...I think he weigh 5 lbs....anyway, he was okay. :)
    All 3 of ours came home on the same day! I think it will be somewhat of an easier transition with 2 coming home and then the 3rd.
    Again, call me anytime!

  3. We are ready to welcome whoever whenever to the neighborhood! Looking forward to meeting your crew. Suzanne