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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maybe Monday

The word on the street is that Beckett will be coming home on Monday. As I've said before he has to be free of any episodes of low heart rate or forgetting to breathe and he has to pass the dreaded CAR SEAT TEST.
For them it is like running a mile in 7 minutes to make the team- not that I've ever done that. The only thing I can relate it to is when I was little, like 11 or 12, I was told by my parents that I had to take either self defense or racquetball at the Y. I chose racquetball not knowing that Johnnie Gray, an ex Green Bay Packer safety, taught the class. I was the only girl and we had to run lines on the racquetball court and beat Johnnie before we were allowed to go leave class for the day. I was always the last one left. He would eventually let me beat him because people who had the court after us would be banging on the glass waiting for their turn. I liken the babies completely and cleanly passing the car seat test the first time to an 11 year old girl beating an ex-NFL player in his 30's in a full out sprint.
Essentially they have to sit in their car seat for 90 minutes with no episodes again of apnea and bradycardia. Sounds easy enough. But for these little munchkins is it hard because it is a new position for them and they have a hard time keeping their head up and not flopping forward cutting off their breathing.
Both he and Eloise are taking all 8 of their daily feedings by bottle or breast and Adeline is taking 6 of 8. I'm not sure why they are not talking yet about Eloise coming home with Beckett because they are identical in their alarms and feedings. One of the nurses said it was because Eloise was still so small. That's funny, because I've heard repeatedly from the beginning that the weight was not the determinate of discharge. Oh well, it gives Adeline more company. I will feel terrible when only one is still in the NICU. As it is now, Eloise is always next to Adeline and when I pick up Eloise to feed her and no one is next to Adeline she starts to cry. She is going to be heartbroken if she is the last one by herself. So I talk to her the whole way through her feedings to encourage her to keep eating so she will not be left behind and be sad and grumpy for a few days when the others are at home with the pugs.

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