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Friday, July 31, 2009

Escape Artist

When Eloise was just a few days old she would scoot herself to the edge of the isolette and the NICU nurses were always shocked at how much she moved around. We thought we were done with that nonsense until a few nights ago. At the 5:00 am feed, Rich woke me up and this is what we found.

Mind you, she started at the top of the crib completely swaddled. I know she is going to be our little escape artist. I'm wondering how long it is going to take for her to pile her brother and sister on top of one another and climb out.

Then two nights ago I had Adeline in bed with me because she was fussy and it was time for either the 2 am or 5 am feeding (I can't remember, it runs together) and Rich asked me if I had Eloise as well because there was only one baby in crib, Beckett. I started to freak out thinking she had escaped and was on the floor or we left her on the changing table. Finally we turned on the light and she was snuggled in the corner. Rich just didn't see her initially. Talk about feeling like a neglectful mom for an instant. I thought we has lost her.

My mom left to go back to Wisconsin on Wednesday afternoon and I was by myself for the first time until late Thursday night when Rich came home. She was my photographer so I'm going to have be better about taking pictures of the little ones. I would have been overwhelmed without her here the first two weeks. It was a little scary but rather empowering to figure out how to keep the three happy, fed, held, loved and changed by myself. I did have help Wednesday night when our night nanny came from 10-6 but other than that, I was on my own. It is amazing how you can contort your body to hold one baby in your arms, another on your legs and use your other leg to rock the bouncy seat.

Rich was here during the day Friday and he was eating lunch, working on the computer and holding Eloise. When he gave her back to me I unwrapped her blanket and found a pile of black beans and rice (thanks Nanette for bringing me food!). I guess she was having lunch with her Daddy.

Today we had our first scare of almost running out of diapers. We have a stock of Newborn size but all of them are still in Preemie size so at one point we only had 3 diapers left. Luckily, we feed the babies and I ran to the store and was back in time before we ran out. Phew. I had a vision of Rich taping toilet paper or paper towel to the babies while I was gone if he needed to change one of them. We've had quite the time with the diapers. The babies are all in preemie size and I don't think the preemie size are made to hold the volume of "output" that our babies make because we change their clothes probably 4-8 times a day due to leaking. Rich is about to lose it with all the outfit changes. I think he has started to double diaper the babies by putting a preemie size on and then a newborn size on top. That's a cheap option.

Speaking of diapers, anyone who has an idea of diaper size can appreciate the small size of the babies when they were born by the picture below. From left to right is the following:

NICU diapers- diapers the babies wore for the first several weeks.
Preemie diapers- they are in this size now. Adeline may move up to Newborn in a few weeks.
Newborn diapers- diapers for babies >6 lbs

This is the play yard that we have in the living room thanks to my Aunt Joanne. We can fit two bouncy seats in it but then that leaves the question of where to put the third baby. Luckily at least one is sleeping at any given time so we will keep them in the crib.

I'll post pictures of the nursery soon but it is not that impressive because there are only two cribs in there because the third is in our bedroom.
But here is a sneak peak of the door to the nursery...

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