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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hope, Bunnies, and Bottles

I think Milagro is testing us or even the legitimacy of her name. Two weekends ago Rich came running in from outside and said, "The bunny is in the pool again" and then ran into the bedroom. I asked if he was going to rescue it and he yelled "Yes" from the bedroom. But it seemed like it had been a couple of minutes and he was still in the bedroom and I wasn't sure if he understood the meaning of an emergency bunny rescue. I'm no expert but I don't imagine bunnies can tread water for too long.
He came out of the bedroom in his Speedo, umm I mean swimsuit. I guess the bunny had been pulled into the intake valve of the pool filter and he had to get into the pool to get her out. He pulled her out and she jumped out of his hands from about 4 feet in the air and hopped into the bushes. I grabbed the video camera to document the rescue but in my excitement I pushed the start/stop button twice so I just got a 1 second shot of the pool before it turned off. Not even a shot of Rich in his Speedo. Beckett was concerned that all the excitement of the pool filter was traumatic for the bunny so he made him a plate of food and put it outside next to the bushes.

Just so you can judge the size of my sensitive little guy, this is a salad plate. The bunny liked the spinach but does not like giant carrots or cabbage.

We reluctantly said good-bye to Auntie Hope as she went back to New Mexico to bring joy to other mothers. Hope left at the end of August and Beckett had a few hard days after that just wanting to be held.

We can't wait to have her back or even go visit her in New Mexico and see the rest of the family including the chickens and horses and Milagro the Turkey if she hasn't been eaten by then.

I had a nanny start last Monday during the day for a few hours so I can run errands, make bottles, take a nap, eat lunch and all those things that I can't do when there are 3 babies that need attention. I used my time very wisely Monday and Tuesday and ran all of my errands which consistent mostly of going to buy things like baby wipes, baby laundry detergent, new nipples, and looking for a new minivan.
Uggg, a girl should not go to a car dealership by herself. At least they couldn't try and sell me some ridiculous but much coveted convertible once they heard I had triplets. They knew I meant business. I even had a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed which was long overdue. I knew it was a necessity when I was avoiding wearing open toed shoes which is terribly sweaty in August in Texas.

Having the nanny during the day also gives me a chance to make bottles without getting interrupted and forgetting how many scoops of powder I just dumped in. Just so you know, I make a minimum of 24 bottles each day, all of which also need to be washed and sterilized in boiling water. So here is the real kick in the pants...
I have to make different bottles and identify them for each baby. For example, Adeline is on a different formula than the other two, Eloise has more thickener and Beckett requires extra calorie content. I have a full page of instructions on how to make the bottles for the three in case of emergency. Well, maybe it is a full page because I like to be bossy.

(Rich put on regular swim trunks. He only wears Speedos for races and a bunny rescue did not require him to skim through the water at lightening speed.)

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