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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Girls

The last couple posts have been about Beckett, and deservedly so, the poor little guy is so brave with his helmet. He had brief reprieve this week when I took off the band and he was having skin breakdown from the rubbing. I called the doctor and they told me to leave it off until it could get adjusted on Friday. Boy that was a happy (and less stinky) little man for a few days. But we are back to 23 hours a day and him sweating through his clothes...

So I thought I would write a little about the girls and what they are up to these days.

Eloise, nickname- Kitty Cat

This little gorgeous creature could charm the skin off a snake. She has these big hazel eyes and when she smiles it like a ray of sunshine. She can be very vocal when she feels like and her main form of communication is squealing, screaming and laughing. If the mood is right, anything can bring out a squeal- the dog walking by, rolling on her stomach, spotting a new toy, or even a kiss on the cheek. Her favorite things are "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and avocado. She will eat anything if there is a hint of avocado. She is also the first one to have fear of strangers. If someone comes over that she hasn't seen a while, she cries until I hold her. Then she still might cry if I'm holding her and she looks at the "stranger" too long. But when she cries, watch out. She has a piercing cry that could shatter glass. Most of the time she is gloriously happy but when she is upset, it is the most heartbreaking thing. She really can turn on the tears and when she cries it is like she is auditioning for a movie with the perfect alligator tears she can produce. She also now likes to pucker her lips and smack her lips like she is kissing. I'm telling you, this girl is theatrical. She weighs 13 lbs and 10 oz so she is still a little tiny thing. She is very content like Beckett, very focused on toys and eating and biting on as many toys as she can and loves to sit in the kitchen and watch me and watch the pugs scrounge for food.

Addy, Nickname- AddyCakes (as in Paddy-cake) and King Kong

Look at those beautiful blue eyes! You would think that a name like King Kong would not be very flattering for a little girl but in our world where we are working so hard to get them to gain weight it is a complement of the highest level. This is a dual nickname because she is the biggest at 14 lbs 9 oz, and because grunting is her main form of communication. She is a very busy little girl. Now she is at the stage where she sees something off in the distance and wants it and grunts and squirms and reaches out for things until I can figure out what she wants. This is where I would be happy if she would catch on to the sign language I'm desperately trying to teach them. When I'm feeding them I have to hide the sippy cups, washcloths, and teething biscuits from Addy because once she sees any one of those things, the game is over. I don't even let her see me wipe the faces of the other two because all she wants to do is suck on the washcloth and wipe the table- at least that is what it looks like. She is also my best and worst eater. She loves papaya, goat yogurt, apricot juice and root vegetables. But if she is not hungry she is the only one at this point that does the dreaded clamp the mouth, turn the head and grab the spoon. But if she is hungry, she will really go to town.

Remember I've said before that Addy is always taking off her socks and my solution is to put tights on her? She is making every attempt at foiling my plan and ruining her tights in the process.
She has them stretched out and is sucking on the feet.

Everything is hers- at least for now until the other two put up a fight. Toys, teething biscuits, sippy cups, her Dad's Lebanese food...

-no 7 month olds were given inappropriate food in the making of these photos!

Friday is another perfect example. The girls finished eating right before I got home with Beckett from the doctor. I couldn't leave the girls alone so I fed him in his bouncy chair while the girls were playing on the floor in the playroom. Once Addy saw that I had food she starting grunting and reaching so I ended up feeding Beckett with Addy on my lap trying to eat the yogurt container.

You can see the top of Eloise's head by the arm and the next course of avocado and banana at the bottom of the picture. Just a glimpse into the daily chaos...

And speaking of chaos, this scene was just too funny to me today. It was just a big pile of toys and babies. I guess it is funnier if you know the size of the playroom. There is not much more floorspace than what you can see so I'm not sure what we are going to do when they get bigger...

And one final picture of my boy sitting up (he's 14 lbs 5 oz by the way). Sorry sweetheart about the pink Boppy. I guess that is what happens when you have sisters.

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