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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adjusting to a Hot Head

When I was in 8th grade I dislocated me pinky. The solution was to put a cast on my arm up to my elbow for several weeks. Anyone who has had a cast can tell you about that smell when the cast comes off. Well that is what my precious little boy smells like these days. His head is just so hot and he just sweats all day. I'm hoping he adjusts to it soon.

Last night after his bath and before he went to bed was the start of him wearing it 23 hours a day and the first time he had to wear it overnight. Normally the babies get a little bottle and then they I put them in their cribs whether they are sleeping or not. Beckett usually goes right to sleep or talks for a while and then goes to sleep but he cried for the first time it in a long time. It was so sad. I ended up rocking him to sleep and it took him about 30 minutes to get to sleep.

Look at his shirt; he thought this helmet thing was going to be all fun and games.

All I can say is that I'm grateful that only one baby has a helmet and I'm grateful the one baby is Beckett. I would be in big trouble if it was either one of the girls. Speaking of that, I think they have figured out that his head is protected because they both seem to be hitting him with toys lately. Today at breakfast, Addy smacked him on the head with a rattle about 5 times and he didn't even blink. He is just so laid back and sweet. He rarely cries and if he does it is because he is hungry or tired. He is always very focused on one toy at a time, shaking it, eating it, holding it above his head, inspecting it and always kicking his legs. When I'm downstairs and he is on the floor upstairs I can always hear his thumping on the floor.

The helmet is just an added challenge trying to get him to eat solid food. He still doesn't have great head control and his head seems to sag down a bit so trying to cram food in his mouth is a total mess. Luckily, the helmet is easy to clean.

He is becoming a little more interested in sitting at the table and playing. And the teething biscuits certainly help. Barley biscuits seem to be a favorite around here. Right Rich?

Bella has figured out that she will usually get some sort of treat anytime there is a baby at the table. Half the teething biscuits end up on the floor, ummm I mean, they end up pug treats. Expensive pug treats.

I took off his helmet tonight before his bath and the first thing he did was roll from his back to his stomach for the first time. It was like a little roly-poly celebration of getting his helmet off.
I'm hoping he does it again tomorrow (with his helmet ON).

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