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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Toys, Who Needs Toys?

Who needs toys when can you sort socks? I discovered this activity by accident one day when Addy pulled the sock bin down in the closet. They take socks and tights out one by one. Then in one fell swoop, I put them all back in and it starts all over again. Genius. At least that is what I thought.

Beckett likes the pacifier again which I just despise. His passion for the passy started with the teething. I generally only let him have it before nap, in the car, and while getting dressed. But sometimes I can't take the whining and then it turns from a pacifier into a "cork." This was one of those times. I temporarily gave up getting him dressed to give my ears a break.

I thought the sock sorting was a good idea until I really watched what was going on. Eloise doesn't just pull the socks out, she gives each one a good tug, separating the pair and throwing both socks aside. Now after this game I have to match all the socks again- ugg, my least favorite thing but it is worth the 20 minutes of entertainment.

We went to different BBQ restaurant for Rich's nephew's birthday. Yes, we love brisket. Obviously, these pictures are not taken with my little point-and-click job. Soooo much better quality. Thanks to Rich's dad for capturing these beautiful photos.

When I saw this picture I thought it was a priceless picture of Rich playing peek-a-boo with his little girl. What does Rich say? "My schnoz looks huge."
I can't even believe I'm posting this picture because I look so tired but now everyone says that Eloise and I look alike. I can't see it.
Beckett and the Birthday Boy. Check out that perfectly round melon.

Look very close at Beckett. Tongue out and spitting. This is a new favorite way to drive me crazy while eating. Addy does it too. She opens her mouth indicating she wants food then spits it out and then shakes her head, "No" not because she doesn't want the food but because she is copying me. I have to hide my laughter.

No wonder these kids are not on the growth charts with this diet. Go to a BBQ restaurant and eat rice crackers, yogurt and cucumbers.
Is he the most fun dad or what? Did I mention that all three babies say, "Dada"?

The last picture like this they were sitting down. Now look...

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  1. Too adorable! If I could hug them all through the computer I would, you too! Great pics and seriously so beautiful Mama.