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Thursday, December 9, 2010

18 Months Old

18 months old. Amazing. It feels like it has been 18 months and then some but at the same time it feels like yesterday that I called Rich from the hospital and said, "They are going to deliver me now, come to the hospital and bring the name book!"
We go for our 18 month check up next week so I'll have the facts about height, weight and development. In addition, we are being evaluated for the Birth to 3 Program which is the Wisconsin equivalent of the Texas Early Childhood Intervention program which we qualified for in TX because of the low birth weights and Beckett's torticollis. But like a knucklehead I scheduled both visits on the same day and just realized it this week so I had to reschedule the development assessment and the soonest they could get me in is January. Bummer. But we should have a good idea from the visit next week what kind of delays if any we are looking at. I'm pretty sure we will have some speech delays with Beckett and probably the other two. I just want to get the evaluation done so we can start therapy.
The sooner they can tell me what they want the better. Right now there is lots of pointing, grunting, and screaming. They favorite thing to to point to the counter and grunt. I look in the direction they are pointing and say something like this, "No Beckett, you can't have a knife, wine, doggie medication, cookbooks, or coffee. You have to find something else to do."
They are recognizing food and what boxes/bags look like of their favorite food and where it is located. For example one afternoon Eloise kept pointing the counter and stomping her foot. I figured out she wanted a banana but how do you explain to a 17 month old that they can't have a green banana? Poor girl, threw a fit. Through that and various other incidents I've figured out that I have to hide everything they can't eat immediately, only open the cabinet/fridge doors partway and sneak out what I need for fear they see something like say freeze dried strawberries or ketchup or the yogurt container. I also hide the snack traps close to mealtime because they are little snack monsters. At least the girls are.
Right now the big excitement is yogurt. Not just any yogurt as my sister found out. Yogurt eaten out of a Brown Cow yogurt container. My sister babysat on Monday when Rich and I went to the Bucks vs. Miami Heat basketball game, I mean the LeBron James show. She was feeding them dinner and brought out the large 32 oz Bogart container and they all started screaming and pointing. So she put some in a dish and started to feed them and they refused to eat. She didn't know that they will only eat if you put a serving of yogurt, applesauce or whatever in the empty individual Brown Cow yogurt containers and they try to eat by themselves. They love the cows and point and talk at them while eating. We usually have to help Beckett because the kid would starve to death if we left it to him to get the food from the table to his mouth. He can do it, just doesn't want to. He'd rather be playing and almost every meal is a struggle.
Here are a few of the most recent favorites for each:

Eloise- tofu, freeze dried strawberries, Parmesan cheese, black olives, water, pushing the shopping cart, hugging and carrying around a stuffed goat, LOVIES, screaming with delight, pretending to fold clothes, sorting socks, taking things in and out of containers, truck books, garbage trucks and pictures of buses

Addy- tofu or any protein, cheese, blueberries, milk, any electronic device she is not allowed to have(such as cell phone, computer, TV), dogs, babies, pretending she is talking on the phone using a calculator, reading out loud to herself, running, laughing, doing something she knows she is not supposed to be doing and then looking at me to see if I am watching, bath time

Beckett- TRUCKS! Garbage trucks, buses, delivery trucks, diggers, fire trucks, motorcycles or anything with wheels, taking anything his sisters are playing with, sitting on your lap, turning circles to make himself dizzy, sweeping, hugging the dogs, hugging my legs, and maybe he might eat some yogurt, black olives, pears or blueberries if he is really hungry.

Who could be gripping that blueberry in those stained little fingers?

Does the shirt give it away?

It's Crazycakes. Or Crumbcakes as I call her when I take her out of the feeding table due to the amount of food on her lap.

Oh Mom, you are just going to love changing my diaper tomorrow!!!

Wiping my hands means I'm done and you have about 2 seconds to get me out before I start whipping food over the edge.

The girls with their yogurt cups. I may have gotten away with giving Addy a different cup but I can't pull that off with Eloise. She MUST have a BROWN COW cup to eat out of.

You can tell by the food on the forehead she was trying to drink it. And no, still not cutting the mullet but trying to soften the look with a hair clip.

We went to my Dad's for Hanukkah on Sunday and Eloise found a shopping cart replacement. Kind of looks like the Teddy Bear is on patrol packing some heat.

And yet something else to push...

My turn. No I'm going to push. No, I am....

Did I mention that Addy likes to find and carry around things she is not supposed to have? Like a whole chocolate bar?

Beckett you can play with the candles all you want but I'm not giving you a match!

More on their 18 month old stats and antics after the appointment next week but I have to go to bed. I had an exhausting day because I put up the Christmas tree today and spent most of afternoon trying to convince them not to touch it. I didn't put a gate around it because I made all of the ornaments out of paper so they would not break and it it would not be a big deal if they touched them. But since I put so much work into the project I've now decided that I don't want them to destroy, rip, or eat all of my hard work in one day. Tomorrow I'm moving all of the ornaments out of their reach.

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