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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome Christmas

This was the kick-off of our holiday festivities a few weeks ago. We tried to go see Santa and his reindeer but all of the big festivities were scheduled at the same time as lunch and napping. You know us, nothing short of World Cup Soccer and Tour de France could alter our schedule. So we showed up early to play in the park hoping that a stray reindeer and maybe Santa would be around for the early birds. Lucky for us, this was right in the middle of the first snowfall of the year? Maybe because it was my first snowfall back in Wisconsin but it was the most beautiful snowfall I have seen in a long time. Super wet and heavy snow that just soaked everything and was coming down in droves. It was really the first time the kids experienced snow, boots and snowsuits. We had a few issues with keeping mittens on and I figured out that Addy's hand was cold when she started to suck on it but overall, a pretty magical start to the holidays.

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