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Thursday, December 16, 2010

We Found Her Kryptonite

"We found her kryptonite" is a direct quote from Rich referring to Addy and... poop in the bathtub. She had a little, I mean big, accident in the tub over the weekend and when she saw it in the water just freaked out and starting crying and clinging to Rich trying to get out of the tub.
Ever since then she doesn't even want to step foot in the bathroom. She shakes her head "no" when I say it is time to take a bath and clings and tries to climb up me like a little monkey while I'm prying her off to put her in the tub. When she is standing grasping the ledge she keeps peering over her shoulder looking for floaters. She stands with one foot on top of another like two feet on the bottom is too scary. And she shakes. No lie.
I've never seen anything like it from this girl. Prior to this weekend she would dance, splash, pour water on her siblings and refuse to get out of the bathtub even when the all the water had drained out. I have to say, it is pretty sweet for Ms. Independent Crazycakes to cling to me like that. Sometimes I'm a little worried she is one of those kids that doesn't have any pain receptors because she is that wild. But it is time to get over it. Those curls have not been properly washed in a few days and her one dreadlock might be joined by others if this continues.
Oh yeah, the other day she came running around the corner naked. She figured out how to take off her diaper. Maybe the fear of poop will curtail that activity.

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