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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just a few highlights until I can recover from the last few days...

I was nervous about what the kids would do with the tree and ornaments without having to put up a gate. So I came up with an idea to make all the ornaments out of paper with pictures of their favorite things- mostly dogs and bikes hung on the tree with ribbon. That way if they took off ornaments it would be safe and if something got destroyed no big whoop. Then there were paper chain elephants made out of brown paper Whole Foods bags.

The tree topper was their Cate & Levi Puppets and their finger puppets from Monica at Hanukkah.
They did pretty good with only 1 total loss but days other than Christmas day the ornaments were moved above the reach of little fingers. Because this is what happens...

And then crying from getting poked in the face.

What is Christmas without a bike (at least in our house.) Rich brought it up the stairs and you have never seen a little boy light up as much as Beckett did. He went running for it screaming.

After falling over, he is now scared of it. Not Eloise.

Of course, their all time favorite present...

Favorite stocking stuffer...

We started a new tradition of performing dance and song numbers on the coffee table on Christmas Eve. The triplets danced and cousin Oliver sang amazingly creative songs about "Star Whores" (Star Wars) and Darth Mader (Darth Vader). It was a true performance by all. At one point Addy tapped danced her way out of her shoe.

They don't really understand Christmas at this point but they knew something special was going on. Besides the new toys they were allowed to skip breakfast and eat the snacks in their stockings right out of the package.

I'm guessing the Rice Krispie treat for breakfast and my encouragement caused Addy to go crazy in my favorite video (besides the Star Whores singing) of the holiday.

And a little doll in love with her tutu. Pure joy all around.

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  1. Your kids are hilarious. I love it. I also love that they really don't understand Christmas but are crazy over their gifts! Can't wait to see a video of Beckett riding that bike on his own! :)

    Got your Christmas card this week! Thanks for sending one. Maybe I'll get on the ball and do it next year.