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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bitty Babies and Other Naked Things

We're starting 'em young- the obsession with American Girl dolls. The trio each got a Bitty Baby American Girl Doll for their birthday. Excuse me, Bitty Baby Twin, err Triplet dolls. And they ARE obsessed. They love these things. Thank you, thank you Grandma Diane and Grandpa Richard.
This is Eloise about 5 minutes after she opened hers. Not a great picture of Eloise but gives you an idea of what the dolls are supposed to look like.

This is a picture from today (with a potty chair!!)
In a nutshell, they drag these poor dolls around by their hair and want them always to be naked with the occasional shoe. Eloise is obsessed with putting shoes on the dolls. She puts shoes on (I mean she cries until I put shoes on the dolls) then takes them off and puts them in the shoe bin with her shoes. She goes back and forth taking shoes off, putting them away, putting them back on, putting them away. I'm a little concerned we might have a Carrie Bradshaw in the making. The other two like the shoes too and someone inevitably tries to put one of the doll shoes on when I ask them to go get their shoes if we are going somewhere. Like Beckett here...

Beckett also had them lined up and was forcing them to do morning calisthenics.
You call that stretching? Push yourself.

Addy likes to feed the dolls and make them go pee in the potty. The potty has a removable little cup which everyone tries to get me to put "wawa" in, presumably so they can then drink it? I don't know.

Here she is putting the "diaper" back on the doll after using the potty.
That's funny, the doll has to wear a diaper, but you refuse Addy.
Alright- who peed on the floor? I know, I know!!!!

She's not being punished for peeing. She is posing in her big girl panties for the first time!

She only had them on for about 20 minutes before bath but she loved them. Here's a rear view of the monkey trying to turn off the lights and the probable method in which she locked me out of their room the other night.

I'm hoping the potty training thing will be a monkey see monkey do type thing with these three. Already the other two wanted to run around in just undies tonight but I convinced Eloise that her diaper cover was like undies. Eloise also wanted to sit on the potty with Addy this morning- fully clothed- but it is a start.

And speaking of copycat monkeys- look what these little critters did today. They were eating lunch and I was on the phone with our mortgage broker about the latest paperwork crisis with our house closing and I turned my back and the next thing I knew they were on the floor eating water out of the doggie water dish. Using spoons and forks.

Beckett wasn't in the first picture because he was off fetching more utensils for their delicious dessert.

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