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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gimme a break

How innocent they look sitting on big chairs after dinner by Lake Michigan...

Looks can be deceiving.
The kids are always in bed with the lights out at 7:30. Right now it is 9:15 at night. Why is there still talking? Let me recap how this all went down tonight.
-Lights out at 7:30.
-Beckett and Addy talking and laughing until about 8:30. Screaming in fact. Lots of No, No, No.
-Eloise started to cry at about 8:50.
-Rich went up and found Eloise in Addy's crib. What? How can that little peanut crib jump? And when did this start?
-All quiet until about 9:00 when Eloise started to cry again.
-Rich came down the stairs carrying Eloise (we NEVER take them out of their room at night by the way) announcing that she pooped.
-Four of the last 7 nights when I've checked on them I've had to change Eloise's diaper because she was sleeping with a poopy diaper.
-It's 9:23 pm and one child is still squeaking and squealing like a pig.
-It's been almost 14.5 hours since the first one woke up this morning.

To top it all off, yesterday when I walked into the room to get Addy up from nap she was standing up waiting for me and handed me her diaper and said, "Poop." Thankfully at this point poop can be poop or Pooh- as in Winnie The- which they know is on their diapers (let's hear it for Huggies Overnights). Or maybe they call diapers poop because of what goes in it? Point is- just a wet diaper, this time. Who know what tomorrow holds.
Just had to throw in an extra picture of my sweet Mr. B- notice it was the girls causing all the commotion this week? Little guy was mesmerized by the tennis match going on across the street.
I know Beckett- tennis dresses and skirts are pretty sweet. That is precisely why I took up the game at the ripe old age of 30- something...

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