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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Addy goes to the spa

On Friday during nap time Addy kept yelling "Mama, mama, maaaamaaaaa." My Mom went to get her after about 45 minutes. When she walked in she saw Addy standing up in the pack n'play bare butt (she sleeps separate from the other two at nap time) with her diaper and pants thrown on the floor. Addy announced "Pee!" the minute my mom walked in. To make a long story short she took off her diaper and pants and peed on her animals and lovie and then couldn't nap. I knew it was not going to be a good scene when I saw the little half-naked girl being carried down the stairs.

She then refused to wear a diaper so we spent a good part of the afternoon in the bathroom on the potty. She knows that after the potty she gets to wash her hands which is wildly popular with all three. Even though Addy is the only one at present time who is asking to go potty, all three will somehow get in on action either by washing hands or sitting on a potty fully clothed, dragging a potty into the living room, or unrolling toilet paper.

Because my mom was here and kids get to do extra fun things when Grandmas are around handwashing turned into water play. The other two lost interest after a few minutes but Addy's attention span is unbelievable. It went from handwashing to bubble making to making faces in the mirror to face washing.

All with no pants on. Of course, this was all being done with lavender soap- not tear free so you can guess how this ends...

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