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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Please No Handwashing

Okay, now I just need the courage and a good start to the day. I have the Pull Ups, the big girl underwear, potties all over the house, mini M & M's, a potty training book for me and a potty training book for Addy. But when your day starts like this- it's hard to recover.
Yep, pee all over.
Then this is where I found the diaper.

This is what she did the other morning to try to get her diaper off. Goes on like this all day.How's that for morning hair?
I think I'm going to nominate myself for a Mom of the Year award. I'm not encouraging hand washing after going pee on the potty because it starts a whole chain of events with all three of them fighting over the sink, splashing in the water, soaking their clothes, knocking each other off the stools, playing with toilet paper and kids half dressed. I usually have to physically remove each child kicking and screaming from the bathroom once hand washing starts. Therefore, rather than hand washing I prefer the children spit on their hands and wipe their hands on their pants. A whole lot easier. And quieter.

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