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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hat Envy

This was actually a continuation post about our visit to pick apples but as I was going through the pictures I realized that I just continued to admire the hat pictures.
I'm all about hats. I love them. I love that the winter is coming and there are these beautiful 1940's hats in all of the stores from Anthropologie to Target. My head is generally just to large (lots of brains) to for any hat besides the adjustable kind to fit but that doesn't stop me from jamming every hat in the store on my head in the remote chance that it was made extra large. Or some other poor soul with a head larger than mine tried it on first and stretched it out.

Two years ago when the kids were just little bitty things I saw these pumpkin hats at the store on like 90% discount and had to buy them even thought they probably could have napped in them at the time. Finally they fit. Beckett would only wear his at home. He prefers the gangsta' hoodie look although his hoodie matches his Grandpa's hoodie which was purchased for his visit to Florida. So that is totally gangsta'. Addy would only wear either her hat OR her jacket but not both which is fitting given her penchant to run around with the least amount of clothes possible. But Eloise, oh sweet little Eloise loved her hat. I'm saying this because I'm insanely jealous- that girl can rock a hat like nobody's business. Any hat, it doesn't matter and the funny thing is that she actually likes to wear them. And shoes, and underwear over her jeans any accessory for that matter.
Umm guys, I think the better trees are this way...

Addy and Beckett are BFF. I didn't realize the extent until the other day when I figured out that the first thing they do in the morning is look for one another. Addy just waits for Beckett to wake up from nap and the other morning Addy was in bed with us and Beckett woke up and started to yell for Addy. Love this picture. I asked Addy to give Beckett an apple. So sweet.

All the kids wanted to do was climb the ladders. If you know Beckett you can just hear him yelling- climb, climb-ING, climb, up. Eloise was a little hesitant as first as she usually is in a new situation but left the safety of Rich's shoulders for the safety of the ladder.

They really didn't understand the ladders were for picking apples. They just thought they were for entertainment- and for picture taking.
I was initially thrilled when Eloise was comfortable enough to start picking up apples then I realized they were picking up the rotten, half eaten apples and the apples with worms. Oh well, they looked pretty darn cute doing it.

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