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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Holdover Pictures

Last weekend we spent 4 days and 3 nights in Madison for the Ironman which was a welcome break from our normal schedule. The schedule of meals, snacks, naps, bath and bed is so essential but can be incredibly tedious. So running wild in hotel rooms, crank calling the front desk, jumping on beds, eating at restaurants for every meal and best of all flexible bedtimes and sleeping in bed with us was so liberating and quite frankly a total hoot for everyone but the adjustment back to our schedule and having the kids sleep in their own bed without us in the room has been a nightmare. So this past week was a little rough with naps and bedtime and particularly crying in middle of the night. I think I got up 5 times one night and ended up sleeping on the floor in the kids room in the middle of the night just to get Addy to stop crying. Also, Addy is still taking her diaper off and peeing in the crib almost daily so that is wearing me out. Despite the poor sleep we had a super busy week with play dates, a pajama birthday party with our Meighbors (Happy Birthday Anton), the Children's Museum, JCC, speech therapy, walks to the park and the most important event of all- apple picking.

I feel like I can never catch up with anything anymore and this week is just going to get crazier so I wanted to post a few pictures from our apple picking adventure. You pay by the bag despite how full it is. We paid for 2 bags that were only partially full of rotten and bruised apples, apples with bites out of them, unripe apples, rocks, and if the kids had it their way, a pile of dog poop. Oh yeah, and we ended up with 5 pumpkins as well.

The 5 pumpkins we brought home now sit on our front porch. Anytime we are out front, the kids want to sit on the pumpkins like they did at the farm. Good lesson- they remember everything. And imitate everything which I'm hoping will come in handy this week. More on that later...

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