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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What they say...

This age is so frustrating but so funny at the same time. Tonight over an hour after I had put the kids down Addy was yelling for me. I walked in and she had her pajamas off- luckily her diaper was still on this time. She knows she is supposed to be quiet with her eyes closed. So of course when I walked in she was pretending to sleep with her eyes closed and her lovey in her mouth.
This is how it went down from there:

ME- "Addy, do you need something?"
ADDY- No response
ME- "Addy, are you sleeping?" (insert sarcasm here)
ADDY- "Yes."
ME- "Why are your pajamas off? You know you have to keep your clothes on in the crib."
ADDY- "Beckett do dat."
I don't want to be a name caller but her pants were on fire just then- in a pile next to her.

She told me she wanted a back rub so I started to rub her back to try to get her to sleep. She reached up and rubbed my arm and said, "I help Mama, I help."

See? Funny, sweet and frustrating all at the same time. Some days are longer than others when it starts at 5:30 am when Beckett starts to yell, "Need out! Need out! Need down! Mama down!" until now at 9:51 pm when Eloise is yelling for me and will cry if she hears me go down the stairs to do something like say laundry or dishes.

Speaking of the little pumpkin, she had an amazing week. Her speech therapy session last week was a little scary because they are talking about bumping up the frequency of her sessions and we are having an OT eval. They encouraged me to keep signing with her just to give her a form of communication and even offered signing hand outs. So that was freaking me out but then she goes and I'm not kidding you probably doubled her vocabulary this week. She probably said 10-15 new words this week alone.
I have been signing "more" to them since they were probably 6 months old. Today for the first time, Eloise signed and vocalized "more". I couldn't believe it. Not only that, she sat down in the bathtub for the first time in months. Hopefully that is a sign that some of the sensory issues are resolving.

So I'll leave you with an amazing video. The last couple of weeks have been hard dealing with her speech and sensory issues because it appears to much more serious that we thought and I don't have a clear picture of what we are dealing with. So this is pretty amazing to me. Here is the little doll SITTING in the bathtub trying to count. Then the grand finale of yet another new word- ball. Oh sweet little determined girl with the scraped up chin.

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