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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 18 of Bed Rest and a Good Start to Week 27

Good news from the visit with my perinatologist on Tuesday. It looks like my bed rest is paying off because he said I was doing much better. My cervix has lengthened from 2 weeks ago and the fetal fibronectin test was negative, again! This means that if I continue to rest and drink lots of water that I have a 99% chance that I will not deliver in the next 2 weeks. He said I looked much better, less tired and less stressed which is true not to mention less swollen.

I still have abdominal tightening when I stand or shift positions but he thought it was not true contractions if they go away with rest and hydration and as he said, "You have 3 good reasons why you are feeling that way." So basically, it everything stretching and trying to accommodate the weight and pressure and is normal.

They tried really hard to get pictures but it is very difficult because everyone is all jumbled up. We thought we had a good picture of Baby A but then when they zoomed in, Baby B was kicking him in the face so her foot was blocking the picture. And Baby C changed positions and now is behind the other two so unless she moves again, we might be out of luck with her. I thought she had moved because on Sunday night right after eating a bunch of spicy Indian food I got all hot and uncomfortable and looked at my stomach and I had something sticking out of one side and I looked all lopsided. That's gone away so she was probably making her way behind the other two which is why I looked so crazy.

They also just looked at the heart beats and amount of amniotic fluid but I won't get all of the other measurements and weights again for 2 more weeks. One of the babies really liked to put their feet in the way so just for fun they measured the trouble making foot and it is 5 cm long. If you look how big 5 cm is it gives you an idea of still how little and vulnerable they still are and why it is so important that they cook another 8 weeks or so.

It has been beautiful in Texas the last couple of days and I have been going in the pool which is a nice break from the couch and the bed. Also, I have theory that tan fat looks better than white fat and when you are on a weight gain regime, all the self esteem boost I can get at this point is important.

Poor Isaac and my mom got a good look of me in a bikini. I'm not wearing my old string bikinis because I didn't want to stretch them in out in the far fetched hope that I can wear them again someday. I did break down and buy maternity bikini bottoms and a VERY supportive bikini top because according to Rich- for legal purposes we probably need to register my chest as assault weapons with the Department of Defense. Nice.

Here is another belly picture that I love because Isaac's belly looks like it is smiling.

And a side shot

(I think Isaac is sticking out his belly to make me feel better.)

I've tried to get Rich to get in on the pictures for comparison purposes but he refused. But I'm going to blackmail him because I have pictures from the other day of him in his Spandex biking outfit which I know he really does not want posted. Therefore, soon you will see pictures of my husband's hairy belly next to mine or pictures of Rich in Spandex. The choice is up to him.

I haven't shown my face in the last few pictures because most of time I'm in pajamas, unbrushed hair (I'd be surprised if I don't have dreadlocks by the end of this) and no make up. I'll try to get myself a little more ready for the next one so you can see the glamourous pictures of a swollen 27 week triplet preggo lady.

I had a very nice surprise for Mother's Day because my mom was here. She was very busy doing laundry, cleaning, organizing my closet and sorting baby clothes. I thought I had my obsession over cleaning on hold while on bed rest but I didn't realize that I was just pretending not be worried about sweeping, water spots, foot prints on the white tile floor- you get the picture. I had a huge sense of relief when she was cleaning and organizing like a weight had been lifted. She also set up a little nest of things for me next to the couch like water bottles, i-pod, phones, my computer, notebooks, books, vitamins and so forth so I have everything within reach. Now all I need is a long stick with a hand on the end so I can pet the pugs without getting up or poke them when they are snoring.

My sister Sarah (from Wisconsin) and my cousin Eowyn (from San Diego) are arriving tonight to stay for the weekend. I'm going to convince my sister that a very good sisterly thing to do would be give me a pedicure because I can't bend over. We'll see how well that goes over.

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