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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, May 4, 2009

Why don’t you work while I watch?

Papa and Bambi were here W-Sunday for round 2 of house projects. I pretty much stayed on the couch observing while they worked their tails off doing such things as:

Painting (including the ceiling) and grouted the guest bathroom

Washed windows(outside)(and inside!!!)

Planted pots, picked weeds, mulched and planted in my outside beds and moved plants to different places in the yard where they might do better in the TX heat(Bella was trying to help and got a head full of mulch)

Made lots of yummy high protein food(This is actually a picture of cupcakes Rich bought for me but I was pretending they were high protein)

They also washed all of my linens. If you want to make someone on bed rest ecstatically happy, wash their linens. I love the smell and feel of fresh sheets, especially if they have been hung outside to dry and are a little scratchy. I know that sound weird but it reminds of when I was little and we used to hang the sheets on the clothes line to dry and the sheets would smell so fresh like outdoors. Except you have to be careful in WI when you hang your clothes on the line because if they happen to be spreading manure nearby, the whole plan backfires and you would been better off using the dryer.

And Rich just walked in and said, “I think I’ve got this cleaning thing down.” He is an excellent dish washer and dish dryer. He even checked to make sure he was using the right kind of dish towel for the dishes. I know that sounds crazy but I have a whole system where some are for cleaning up messes, some are for your hands, some are for dishes and some are for decoration so it is going to take some time to figure out my system.

Here is the latest belly picture. I would say to guess which one is me but I’m hoping the hair (belly and hanging down in the picture) gives it away.
Looks like my belly is getting bigger than my Papa. And if you are wondering why my belly button looks so strange, it is because I'm pregnant. Just kidding! For some reason the scar around my belly button from my gall bladder surgery turned brown. All these changes are quite fascinating as long as I know they are just temporary!

We’ll have to see how my belly compares to Isaac when he comes to visit tomorrow. He’s staying for several nights and then my mom comes on Friday. Rich is headed back to Detroit tomorrow so I’ll just be by myself for the day until Isaac arrives. And the “nurses” were back today for lunch so I’ve been so fortunate with all of my visitors and people to help me stay busy. And having Rich and my dad and Bambi here for the first days of bed rest was extremely helpful because it helped for me to develop a routine and know that my head will not spin off in terror if the counter does not get wiped down with my special mix of cleaners after every meal. And it really is a secret special mix that I make. Martha Stewart would probably voluntarily go back to jail in order to get her hands on my recipe.

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