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Friday, May 22, 2009

Week 28- Shower and Visitors

Thank you to Laura and Jeff for throwing me a baby shower on Saturday. The shower was awesome and they were so flexible with the planning because it had to be at my house at the last minute because of the whole bed rest thing. Thank you to the wonderful hosts and to all of those who came over in the rain to see me beached on the couch. Being house bound and not working for the first time in years is very isolating and just seeing everyone’s smiling face really lifted my spirits. I’ll post the pictures when I get them electronically because they did a wonderful job and it was so nice to see everyone.

Not only were we fortunate enough to have a baby shower but my sister Sarah and cousin Eowyn were here for the weekend. We grew up together and three of us probably have not been together since the summer of 2005 so it really was a great weekend. At one point I was floating in the pool and Eowyn and Sarah were doing yard work, planting flowers, and painting shelves in the 90 degree heat and they had a flashback to when we were little. They claim that when we were younger and had to do things like dishes or clean the house or move bricks (when my dad rebuilt the chimney) or haul wood (we heated our house with a wood stove) that I would either:

a) Say I had to go the bathroom and sit in the bathroom for 2 hours, or
b) Fake an injury such as a “hurt knee” so I wouldn’t have to help

I think the bathroom thing is legitimate. I mean, I’m lactose intolerant living in the dairy state. Give me a break.

Anyway, they think the whole triplet/bed rest/pregnancy thing might be an elaborate rouse to get people to come and visit, cook, clean and redecorate my house while I lay around. It does seem like a clever idea and I haven’t had any sonogram pictures in quite some time but I can assure you, I really am pregnant with 3 babies. I would rather move bricks, chop wood, paint, cook and clean than endure this kind of weight gain and loss of independence. But I'm flattered that they think I would be smart enough to think up such an elaborate scheme.

The only picture I took was a minor accident involving paint. A new can of paint (unopened) was on top of the grill outside because Sarah was getting ready to paint some shelves in the garage and a gust of wind blew the grill cover up knocking the paint can to the ground splattering blue paint everywhere. The pugs tried to walk in it and then we had to rescue the beer bottles that were nearby (they were not mine!). It was all very exciting.

This is towards the end of the clean-up effort.

More paint clean up and Sarah just clocked herself in the head by running into the hanging plant.

(You can tell I was very helpful cleaning because you can see me in the reflection of the window taking the pictures)
On Monday after Sarah and Eowyn left and Rich went back to work I was very sad but then my step-mom Bambi arrived Monday night for the week to help out. She is very good about keeping me on track with my daily intake of 160 grams of protein and an excellent cook so I’m back in the swing of things again stuffed full of pregnancy sun tea, beef stroganoff and turkey green chili enchiladas.

I go back to the doctor on Wednesday for a sonogram, fetal fibronectin test, and another test to see if I have developed gestational diabetes. I'm dying to know how big the babies are now because it seems like I'm getting bigger by the hour and I'm hoping all this food is going to them and not just my thighs and butt like I'm imagining.

Today I feel pretty good but it really goes day to day. For example, Tuesday I had a terrible headache that lasted for 24 hours, some nausea and I was very swollen and wasn’t sure that being like that for another 9 weeks or so seemed like a good idea. But, that was short lived and I’m looking forward to the weekend when Rich will be home. He is VERY good about bringing me treats like flowers and cupcakes. I hope he reads this before he comes home!

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