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Monday, September 14, 2009

13 Week Update

The babies are 13 weeks old today. Seriously, where has the time gone? Oh I know, diapers, bottles, diapers, bottles, washing poopy clothes, diapers...

The last of the visitors left on Sunday. My Aunt Joanne from Washington DC left on Saturday. It was very sad to see her go. I used to live with her in Washington DC when I first moved there 13 years ago so it was like old times, just with a few more wrinkles and lots more babies. My brother, Isaac, left on Sunday and somehow he managed to go the whole weekend without changing a diaper. I’m not sure how that happened. I think every time I was going to make him change his first diaper, it was a poopy mess and I didn’t want to scare him off. But he made up for it by making Banana Bread French Toast for breakfast on Sunday with homemade banana bread. He sure is going to be a catch for some lucky lady. Although we had to hold babies while eating it.

Eloise was licking her lips the whole time.

Isaac feeding Beckett (see how I have to label the bottles).

Isaac and Eloise. Isaac, does that hairstyle have a name?

The whole gang with Uncle Isaac.

As a child, Isaac was wild about his pacifier. When he went to Montessori, pacifiers were not allowed so he would sleep with his head at the bottom of his sleeping bag (inside) so he could suck on the pacifier he snuck stored in a Tupperware container. It just wasn’t any old pacifier, it was one that was broken in with just the right amount of give to the nipple and he refused a new one. If the “one” got lost we would all frantically search for it because the screaming made your ears bleed and he refused a new one. Anyway, Isaac was very concerned about the babies sucking on new pacifiers and thought they would be happier, along with lots of other babies, with ones that were already broken in. I think he is investigating this as a new business opportunity. Darn, I shouldn’t have mentioned this fantastic potentially lucrative idea in case someone steals the idea.

He already put Eloise to work on the product.

On to the babies…
Addy has been incredibly challenging. Right now she has two modes; sleeping and crying and I much prefer the former.

It is almost as if she is unable to comfort herself and is very sensitive to the environment. We do a lot of walking, rocking, and standing in front of the noise machine. She prefers the sound of rainfall with the volume turned up to 10. But when she is awake and staring at you with those big blue eyes, you forget the previous hellacious 3 hours (most of the time).

I think it would be challenging with just one fussy baby but it is incredibly challenging when there are 2 other babies that need attention. This morning was the first time that I had to let her cry herself to sleep. I was by myself and Addy had eaten and been changed and I was feeding Beckett and Eloise and then they pooped so I had to change both and Addy was screaming at the top of her lungs the whole time. It was very sad for all of us. Especially Beckett because he seems to be stressed when someone else is crying. I don’t think Eloise minds the crying, in fact, I think she sometimes laughs. She is a very happy baby as long as her tummy is full. But if she is hungry, she has the most blood curdling scream. She also sounds like a kitty cat when she cries so we affectionately call her Ms. Kitty.

And then there is Mr. Beckett. He is an old soul in a skinny little body with a large head. He fake cries or whimpers when he gets his diaper changed, probably from the smell. He is a true boy in this sense and takes after his daddy. He is my snuggliest baby. When you hold him, he curls into a little ball and falls asleep.

That is probably the hardest thing about triplets, finding the time to adequately snuggle each one. I find myself not wanting to pick them up and snuggling with them if they are sleeping in case another one wakes up and needs attention and I’ve potentially ruined a perfectly good nap for the first. The fear that two or more will have an urgent need at the same time is always in the back of your mind.

One final note, my friend and neighbor, Nanette had her beautiful baby boy on Friday. She is amazing; her son weighed the same as my three combined! Beckett is very excited there is another boy in the neighborhood so he can get away from all of the girl germs. Welcome to the world Rylan McKinley.

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