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Monday, September 21, 2009

Toaster Fire

Last week around 4:30 PM, I put a tortilla in the toaster oven to make a little hummus snack before the 5:00 bottles. I was changing diapers and all of the sudden I smelled something and realized I forgot about the tortilla. I ran into the kitchen and the tortilla was on fire in the toaster oven and the kitchen was filled with smoke. I put out the tortilla fire, threw the toaster oven and burnt tortilla outside (through an open window) and frantically hauled the babies outside. Because of their premature lungs I was freaked out about them inhaling any smoke. Luckily, my friend Renee was on her way over and she watched the babies outside in their stroller while I went back inside and opened ALL of the windows and turned on all of the ceiling fans. It smelled like I burnt about 10 bags of microwave popcorn. It was terrible.

Because of the smoke we feed and changed the babies outside. I brought the pad from the changing table outside and we set up a mini changing station on the table. As luck would have it, 2 of 3 had pooped up their clothes so I was running in and out getting clothes and didn't think to bring the poopy diapers back IN the house.

My little pug Pickles was very worried about the babies and a big help.

We did the 5:00 bottles outside and the inside of the house still smelled so I paged the pediatrician to be sure that it was okay to bring the babies back in. I'm sure she thought I was crazy but I'm so freaked out about their immature lungs that I wanted to be sure it was safe. They said as long as the SMOKE had cleared then it was fine even if it smelled. Luckily my friend, Renee, is a NICU nurse so she was such a trooper about the crazy situation and took it all in stride. Thanks for your help Renee!
Here is what the tortilla and toaster oven looked like.

The burnt oven is still in garage and I think I can salvage it if I scrub it very well.

This weekend Rich and I took the babies to a nature preserve 3 different times. I walked with the babies while Rich went running. It felt great to get out and get some exercise. I love to watch people's faces when they see the stroller and count the babies. Little kids are the best and don't have the same discretion as adults and yell things like, "Three babies!!!! Mom, did you see the 3 babies?"

This was on the trail. I thought it looked like a mini alligator and it wouldn't move. I had to maneuver my big stroller around it.

Okay, I know Rich is going to kill me for this and I didn't tell him I did this.
The pictures of the girls and their wigs was such a hit, I didn't want my bald little boy to be left out. But this is it, I promise I'm sending that hair in to Locks of Love tomorrow.



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  1. Wow, what an adventure and of course there were explosions :). Your sweet ones are so adorable and I love the pictures with the hair...too cute.