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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Real Outing, Grambi, Papa and Auntie Jojo

We've been very fortunate to have lots of visitors over the past week. My dad and Bambi came from WI last Wednesday, my dad left on Sunday, my Aunt Joanne came from Washington DC on Tuesday, Bambi left today, my brother Isaac comes on Friday, Joanne leaves on Saturday and Isaac leaves on Sunday. I think I have that right. It's hard to believe that it has been 12 weeks and next week will be one of the first times we have an empty guest room for an extended period of time. It is a really comfortable bed and you will really get to hear the babies scream at night in the coming weeks as we start to move towards eliminating one of the night feedings if there are any more gluttons for punishment out there who want to come and visit!

This weekend we took the babies on their first real "outing" meaning that this was the first time they went in a car to someplace besides the doctor. We went to a nature preserve which is about the only place they will be able to go until April. Normally I dash in and out of the doctors office for fear of germs so I don't stop and talk to too many people but being outside is safer for the babies so we got our first good dose of stares and comments. Mostly things like "wow" "you must be busy" and we even got a business card of for when the babies are older and need piano lessons. Someone even blessed them which was very sweet. I actually think this is our first family picture.

Papa and Bambi with their first Grambi and Grandpa picture

Do you see any resemblance between my dad and Beckett?

How about now?

I know lots of women who would kill for skinny legs like these.

I think it is time to buy some toys so the poor boy doesn't need to read warning labels for entertainment.

Seriously, I don't know why I dress him like this but he looks like he is in an ill-fitting Karate Kid Halloween costume.

And speaking of the 80's, this is what their faces look like after they get their Prevacid if I don't do a good job of dissolving it in their cheeks. They smear it all over their faces and if I'm lucky, into the fat folds in their necks where it turns into black beads when mixed with milk. Yummm.

I think it is time to trim the nails.

As I've mentioned before, Addy is what is called a "high need" baby and can be very challenging. She really has two modes, sleeping and screaming. Papa and Bambi bought me a Moby wrap which is really just a long piece of fabric where you essential tie to baby to your body. It is great for Addy and allows me to do other things like make bottles or clean while still holding and comforting a baby. When she is sleeping we tend to leave her alone and not wake the sleeping beast because you never know what is going to happen. She has the most beautiful dimples on either side and I've been trying get a picture of them but is not easy. I don't give up easy and I'll get them one of these days.

Auntie Jojo and Grambi with Beckett and Eloise. The coffee cup says it all. We had been up since 4:3o am because one of the babies had been crying all night.

Me and Grambi and Eloise and Beckett

Grambi in the last minutes with the babies before heading back to WI. I can't decide if that is an ecstatic smile or a crazed look from sleep deprivation.

This is why she is not in the picture above. Don't wake her when she is catching up on her beauty sleep from the night before.

Aunt Jojo trying to get Addy to fall asleep by the noise of the pool pump. I don't know how we figured this out but it is ingenious. We actually turn on the pool pump when we are eating dinner outside to try and get some "quiet" in order to eat.

Eloise catching up on her sleep while practicing posing. Notice she is losing her hair? She is starting to get the Homer Simpson hair do like Addy.

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