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Friday, January 15, 2010

Battle to Add to the Bulge

I haven't talked too much about this but the introduction of solid food has made a huge impact in our daily routine and daily schedule both good and bad. I'm struggling to figure out how to introduce food at a time when they are not starving yet still hungry enough to eat from a spoon. The other issue is that it really has changed how much formula they drink. Since at this age, formula (or ideally breastmilk) should still be their main source of calories, I offer them the same amount of formula and sometimes they drink it and sometimes not. It is making me sick to dump down the uneaten formula down the drain because we spend SOOOOO much money on formula each month (like flushing money) but I don't know a better solution. They still need to gain weight plus make up for their slow start so it is an uphill battle. But the good news is that they are finally full. And full babies are happy babies!
But we have some new tools to fight with these days, the biggest and best being the arrival last night. I stayed up last night assembling, rearranging, sanitizing and cleaning to get it ready for mealtime today.


No more eating in the bouncy seats, no more eating in a carpeted room, and no more white tile floors in my kitchen- that's for sure.

They loved it! They played with toys, ate their food, watched me wash bottles, looked at the pugs and figured out a new game- throwing toys to the floor. FUN.

Mealtime can be hit or miss for Eloise. One day she loves butternut squash, the next day it makes her projectile vomit. Believe it or not, this was not a vomit day. That is what is looks like when she keeps it in her mouth.

Addy is a garbage disposal like her Daddy. She loves everything, particularly root vegetables mixed with goat butter (another one of my new tricks to help them gain weight).

The leftovers ON the table and UNDER the table that Bella found. Look at that smile on Addy. That girl loves to eat.

The other two were done and upstairs with Rich. Eloise was just sitting there smiling, talking, and laughing while I was washing dishes. She is having an after dinner drink.

We've also introduced teething biscuits. This is really more of a mess than it is worth but fun nonetheless. Rich eats all of the leftovers and crumbs so that is fun to watch. Surprisingly, it looks like Beckett is getting this one close to his mouth, he usually tried to shove it up his nose which makes him scream.

Addy is really the only one who will eat the whole biscuit. Sorry Rich.

Addy can hold her bottle for a period of time. Not that she wants to, she'd rather have me hold it but I just found out that she CAN if push comes to shove.

She also can hold and drink from a sippy cup. It took a few tries but this is the only kind that she likes. In fact she LOVES it.

She'll drink and drink. (no tummy time for her)

And drink and drink. Who cares that her sister figured out how to sit up next to her?

Beckett also drinks from a sippy cup but I don't have pictures of it because I have to hold it for him. In fact, he has become very particular about his bottle and sippy cup. At the present time, he prefers to drink about half of his bottle then kick and scream and then take the rest of his formula from a sippy cup that I hold for him. He will usually finish his whole bottle if I give it to him in a sippy cup while the girls waste much of theirs. I'm happy that he is getting the calories but it means double amount of dishes.

But I guess it is doing the trick. Beckett went to the doctor today simply to get weighed because they are concerned about his slow weight gain. And to everyone's surprise, Beckett has gained 2 lbs in 6 weeks. He now weighs 13 lbs and 10 oz which was a huge jump for him. I guess the sippy cup is the trick.
That and the goat butter which I would only recommend if the person changing the diapers has an stomach of steel.

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