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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Toys

We have had some new toys to keep us entertained at home in the cold weather at the height of RSV season.

The new triplet feeding table has added lots of daily entertainment, frustration and baby shuffling. The girls really like to sit in it and watch the kitchen activity. For some reason they love to watch me wash bottles. They also love to watch the pugs and routinely throw them toys to eat which just adds to my workload of sanitizing and washing things.
Eloise thinks she is such a big girl sitting in the kitchen at the table. Half the time she doesn't even play with toys and just looks around and smiles.

Beckett doesn't love the table as much as the girls because he can't sit up as well and his head started to fall to one side. He still can be a bit of a bobblehead so are still working on his head strength and he is still getting physical therapy to help with the tortacollis.

Addy loves to sit at the table and gum on teething biscuits which will usually entertain her for about 15 minutes. Check out the beefy arms.

We are still teeth free around here but I don't know how much longer. Today her cheeks are bright pink meaning that she is either teething or allergic to broccoli.

The sippy cups are another great form of entertainment not to mention very beneficial for speech development, or so I've heard. Sometimes Beckett will drink his formula from a sippy cup but mostly they drink 4 parts water to one part peach juice. You would think at some point they would get used to the peach juice but they always seemed surprised at the first sip.

I'm trying to get all 3 babies used to the 3 different kinds of sippy cups that we have but for now, the Dr. Browns sippy cups seem to be the most universally accepted.

I'm sure this is the oldest, not to mention cheapest, trick in the book. I sometimes will give them ice cubes to push around on the table. I try to only do this in the morning while they are still in their pajamas because it give them very cold hands and very wet sleeves.

It was getting a little much to give 3 individual baths every night so we got bath rings so we can bathe them together. Right now I only put the girls in them until Beckett is better at sitting up.

They all love their baths so much. When they hear the water running and I take them in the bathroom and start undressing them they all scream and laugh. Eloise really gets wild around bath time or maybe she just has the loudest scream.

Beckett did the fitting for his cranial band this week and we will pick it up next week. He had to be shirtless with a sock on his head for pictures and to go through the scanner. I thought the sock was unnecessary since it was meant to hold down his hair. What hair?

Luckily we didn't have to do a plaster mold and they are making his helmet (as I like to call it) from the scanned image. We pick it up on Friday so I'm sure I will have some pictures of a mad little boy this weekend!

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