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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, January 28, 2010

We will miss you Jenny!!

Our nanny's daughter, Jenny, has been visiting from Honduras since November. Luckily for us, Jenny almost daily has been coming with her mom to our house to help take care of the babies. Our babies have been the recipients of such love and care from both of wonderful ladies. Every morning their faces light up and they scream with delight and laugh when they see Jenny and Maria. Eloise in particular. She loves to sit on Jenny's lap and play and chatter like she is one of the girls.

Sadly, Jenny is going back to Honduras on Saturday and today was her last day with the triplets. It is sad for the babies but good for the rest of her family, husband and students who are anxiously awaiting her return! I'm so glad the babies are too little to understand because I know Eloise would just be heartbroken.

We will miss her terribly!

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