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Friday, June 18, 2010

We Were Robbed!

There are very few reasons why we would alter our strict daily schedule. World Cup Soccer happens to be one of them.
In order to watch the US vs. Slovenia match this morning we let the babies crawl around in the non-baby-proofed living room and enjoy this once every 4 year event rather than play in their bedroom like normally that time in the morning.
(look at all of the baby hazards just in this one picture)

Since Eloise is not yet crawling I set up a little sock sorting station for her.

I'm not sure they understood the importance of this game because Beckett was more interested in lapping the living room, Addy was petting Pickles and Eloise was taking apart all the pairs of socks.

They totally lost interest when the US was down 0-2 and turned their backs on hopes that the US would have any chance to advance to the next round.

They were so disgusted they took naps around 10 am and missed the very exciting second half where the US came back to tie the match and then were robbed of the game-winning goal by a questionable call by the ref. I promised them they could watch the second half of the next game AND in four years for the next World Cup we would have a party and they can watch the whole game.

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