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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Are they trying to drive me insane?

So Addy is potty trained. It is way more work to have children that are potty trained than to deal with diapers- just so you know. While it may "save money" as my cousin Eowyn told me the other day, "Peace of mind is more valuable than money." I'm torn on the whole potty training thing. I'm so proud of Ms. Smartypants for her quick study but the whole potty routine takes about 5 minutes with Addy alone and about 20 minutes once the other two catch wind of what is going on. We have a small half bath on the first floor that is pretty tight quarters with two stools in front of the sink, a potty chair on the floor, 3 kids and one adult. I learned the hard way that the toilet paper must be kept out of reach or we will need to keep a plumber on retainer.

So usually it is Addy on the regular toilet with an Elmo potty seat, Eloise at her feet trying to push her off thinking it is her turn and Beckett playing in the water at the sink. Oh yea, and Addy wants her undies, pants, socks and shoes totally off and usually tries to get her shirt off as well so when she is done she can run yelling- "I neeket, I neeket!" I get Addy off, wiped and the toilet flushed and then there is some discussion about who wiped and no more wiping and no more flushing and no more toilet paper is needed and whatnot before she joins Beckett at the sink. I get Eloise undressed and on and then starts the pushing and splashing with Addy and Beckett at the sink. Eloise usually just sits for a minute (does nothing) and then wants to get off to flush and start the whole hand washing routine. So I have to get Beckett down and Addy to stop playing and wash her hands. I've found that I have to do a lot of counting to three such as "You have to the count of 3 to finish. One, two, three." Addy wants to do everything herself so if I turn the water on or off she says, "No, Mama." and does the opposite of what I just did and then does the same thing herself.

Beckett never wants to sit on the potty but he is there to get in on the treats afterwards. Through trial and error I've discovered that I have to get the girls dressed again before they get a treat or they are likely to run around for a while without pants. And I have to hide the fact that Addy wears panties because Eloise wants to wear panties too and if I'm not paying attention Eloise will put on Addy's panties and not want to take them off which is a huge disaster since Eloise is not potty trained. Ugg. So all of that for one trip to the bathroom.

Since Addy really likes to wash her hands and really likes treats, she has figured out that I have not yet put limits on the number of times she can go the bathroom. Last week the kids got up at 7:15 and by 9:00 we were still breakfast because I had to do that whole routine at least 4 times, maybe more in the hour and 45 minutes they were up. Anyone have suggestions on how to limit the number of bathroom trips? She has even figured out how to delay going to bed and to get out of nap with the whole bathroom thing. Before nap she always says she has to go poop and tries to sit in the bathroom with the door closed as long as possible. Today I found her sitting on the little potty facing the wall with her hands full of soap rubbing the wall. When I walked in she said, "I clean Mama." Thanks for the help.

Little Ms. Smartypants has figured out how to use her waste to get out of nap. The first couple days of potty training she would say she had to go pee and I would get her out. If I didn't get her out she would take off her diaper and pee in her bed and I would get her out. Then last Sunday she pooped and took off her diaper and then I got her out. Won't go into detail but let's just say that it was my fault to not specify to her that excrement is not an appropriate art medium. Earlier in this week I waited outside the door and went in every time I heard the Velcro of the diaper and put it back on. Then the next two days I taped her diaper on her. None of that really worked to help her nap.

I'm kind of at a loss about what to do. All of this is kind of rolled up in the issue that I NEED her to nap. As I've probably said a million times, 12-14 hours a day with toddlers and no break is just not doable. I think she only napped one day this week and that was when my sister was here helping and Addy listened to her when she sternly told her to lay down and close her eyes. I feel like I can make it through the day without help if I have just an hour to clean, email, nap or whatever. I need need an hour when someone is not whining or crying or requesting something and I'm not scolding or reminding. Not that I am trying to make it sound like that is all our days are filled with but with three, there is a good chance at any given moment one of those things are going on. If anyone has any, and I mean any advice for me, it would be gladly received.
Seriously, I can't keep Addy dressed. The other day the other two were napping and Addy was playing and I took Bella in the front yard. I was talking to our neighbor and all of the sudden he pointed to our house and Addy is standing totally naked in 60 degree weather on the front porch. That was a little unusual, but this is a pretty typical picture with no pants and my shoes...

Are these shoes too much with the stripes???
My typical shoes are clogs or tennis shoes so they were pretty wild about my heels one day. Hmmm, I wonder why I was wearing high heels in middle of day- the same day my sister was over taking care of the kids????

One last story before I drown my no nap sorrows in some frozen cookie dough goodness. We went to to Zoo today followed by lunch at a restaurant followed by no nap for Addy followed by playing outside. Addy kept dry all day. Then at bath time she said she wanted to go to bed to she climbed into her crib- okay, didn't know she could do that- and snuggled up. Fine, no bath tonight and I will do anything to encourage this girl to sleep. Rich was with the other two in the bathroom and I ran down to get their milk and came back up and she was standing in her crib naked yelling, "Pee, pee, potty, down." I got her down and she went scampering off to the bathroom. I started to pick up her clothes and realized she had peed in her crib.

Pints just don't cut it around here. Ben & Jerry would be my best friends if they realized that the real world takes half-gallons.

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