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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doesn't make much sense without pictures so I'm not even going to try

I took 100 pictures today of the kids. Super cute pictures playing in the leaves, the girls with shopping carts and purses, Beckett coloring... I downloaded them, erased the disk and now they won't upload. Super irritated. So this is my sarcastic recap without pictures.
We do speech therapy once a week with Beckett and Eloise. Our therapist comes to the house and all of the kids LOVE her. Today we practiced blowing bubbles with straws in glasses of water. And drinking from straws. And wiping up water. Then we frosted pumpkin cookies and practiced sprinkling sugar on the cookies. Eloise has had another great week and I found out that she actually has meet all of her goals we had set at the beginning of therapy. And last night, guess what word Eloise said? Paris. We have a wallpaper scene of the Left Bank in Paris in our eating area and we were talking about Paris and out of the blue, Eloise just said it. We then called my mom and left her a message. This is what it said:

Me- "Eloise, where do you want Mimi to take you?"
Eloise- "Paris"
Then we hung up. Pretty much the cutest message ever.

After speech therapy this morning the doorbell rang it was UPS. Yippee. The rug I won in a bet with Rich had arrived. Here's the bet- my mom gave us two packages of paper products. Rich thought it was toilet paper and I said it was paper towel. It was paper towel because I remember my mom saying that she was giving it to us because she doesn't use paper towel. I would have remembered if she said she didn't use toilet paper. If I had lost he would have bought a Kindle and if I won, I got to buy a rug for the dining room. I won. I need to bet more often.
Here's the rug, excuse me, the new choo-choo train for the dining room or what the kids think is their new play room. Oh that's right, no pictures.

Then we played outside and the girls pushed around shopping carts with purses filled with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger while Beckett was super busy with chalk and his lawn mower. He is one busy little guy. Always moving trucks and diggers and towing things. Just watching Beckett can make you laugh. When he is drawing or playing with Play-Doh his makes something, then tells you what it is and then laughs at at it. Every time. He usually makes a T-Rex, hippo, turtle, camel or the moon. All of them crack him up. The other day I asked him what he thought hippos ate and he said, "kitty cats" and then laughed so hard he fell on the floor. Beckett is really into playing football now. Actually just posing like a ninja, throwing the football, falling on it, laughing and starting all over again. The ninja poses are pretty incredible. I even have a naked one. I'll show you sometime.

The kids have been really into singing Happy Birthday and talking about cake and blowing out candles, the whole shebang. We had our neighbor Chloe over for cupcakes today since she just turned 3. The kids were so excited for her to come over and were singing Happy Birthday repeatedly and talking about Chloe this and Chloe that and the minute she got here, they did not sing one note and Addy hid by me and wouldn't play with her. I have this amazing picture of Addy and Chloe sitting eating cupcakes. Addy with her curls and Chloe with her stunning red hair- the picture looks it should be for hair products. Funny, they are so outgoing and gregarious around me but once you throw others into the picture they can get really shy, especially Addy. Just means that we have to get out more.

We had a play date with the Kukowski triplets who are two days older than ours a few weeks ago to frost cookies. I was going to post the pictures but it now turns out that I'm not able to post any pictures at all on Blogger. Great. Anyway, the other 3 did a great job at frosting cookies and my 3 lasted about 5 seconds before jumping down to play with toys. Oh, and Jack, the boy, thinks I look like Jennifer Lopez. They were at Kohl's and there was a big cut out of JLo and Jack said, "Kate!" Love you Jack. Nothing like getting confidence about your appearance from a 2 year old.

Since I can't post any pictures, I thought I would leave you with this gem of Addy on the potty from a while ago. Sorry if I posted it before but if so, it is so good it deserves a second look. The title is- Hygiene is Taught.

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