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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here's to never having to buy another diaper again!

I've never really done the post on the exponential expense of triplets. But let's just talk diapers for a minute. If you look on the Internet, the average cost of disposable diapers for one child until they are potty trained is between $1600-$2300. I'm figuring on the high end of that for us because while the kids were on thickener, they went through 8-10 diapers a day. So x3 kids is $6900 in diapers alone. Almost $7000 in something that gets soiled and thrown away. When the kids were little I remember thinking that the diaper cost was minimal compared to the formula and thickener cost if that gives you an idea of some of the cost. Most of this kind of stuff I can't even think about because you do what you have to do. You make it work. Therefore, potty training the kids has a huge cost saving incentive.

I have a major announcement...

Bet you thought I was going to say all three are trained. Nope. Still just Addy. Thanks to the ruthless bidding skills of my mom and the generosity of her employer Kimberly-Clark (you know the maker of such things as Kotex, Kleenex and most importantly HUGGIES) we never have to buy another diaper again. Ever. Look what is sitting in our dining room...

As one of the many fundraisers for this year's campaign, Kimberly-Clark donated a ton of diapers for employees to bid on with all proceeds going to United Way. I think we got 1300-1400 diapers plus wipes. And the good kind too. If you ever have a chance or an extra few $$ in your pocket, try the Huggies Pure & Natural. They are our favorite. Super almost cotton cloth-like soft, unscented and sweet little pictures of the Pooh characters. (On a side note, while having Pooh on the diapers makes it enticing for the kids to put on, it does add an element of confusion with Pooh obsessed children like Eloise once the diaper is on if they actually have poo in the diaper or are remembering that Pooh is on the diaper.)

So this is it. Once these are gone they are gone and it is potty-city from that point forward. You hear that Eloise and Beckett? I'm giving fair warning.

BTW- Addy doesn't even need diapers at nap (haha, like she naps) or bedtime anymore. She wakes up in the morning dry.

One more thing. Yes, our dining room is empty with no furniture. I'm selling our old furniture which was probably the least kid friendly furniture we could own and are getting some new old-beat-up-purposefully dining room furniture that we can use on a daily basis if we wanted. So after that, I'll post before and after pictures of our fixer-upper. The fixing up is going to go on for several years so I guess I can't keep people in suspense that long. That's not called building suspense it's called losing interest.

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